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The term fourth estate is being applied to media. It refers to the four pillars of democracy to which media is the fourth pillar and are an important one. At the olden days before the invention of T.V. and the internet, the print media were the only way to inform the people.

Various Types Of Media

There are different types of media that various children are using nowadays. Including print media, the modern media have come in many formats they are (books, magazines), television, movies, music, internet, cell phones, videogames, and various kinds of software.


For over fifty years the television has been entertaining to all the families of America. Very first, in the beginning, there were only a few programs but today, there are hundreds of general and specialty channels to choose from. Today people can able to see the television for entertainment purpose by seeing movies or television episodes at any time they want to see. Also, they can able to download the episode or movies from the internet and watch it on their computers or laptops.


Movies are the oldest form of technology of motion picture which is capable to capture the lifelike images of video style. In the beginning, people used to go to see the movies at a particular place, but today people can able to watch the movies in their homes in T.V., computer, laptop, etc. and also in their mobile phones.

Print Media

Including books, newspapers, magazines, and comics or the graphic novels, the term print media is used to represent the traditional or you can say fashioned printed based media. All modern parents are grown up by using this media.

Video Games

Since 1980s video games are available in popularity among the youth. Today’s games make the use of processors and advance graphics to enable the 3-dimensional games. People can play video games on laptops, computer and even on their mobile phones. Modern video games are interactive, immersive, and also create excitement to the children as well as their parents also. WORLD OF WARCRAFT is the most popular game which is recently come in the networked universe.


Internet is the most interactive medium of mass media. It can be briefly indicated/ describes as “a network of networks”. It is worldwide, which is publicly accessible to the networks of an interconnected network of computer which transmit the data/ information using the IP (internet protocol). Via the internet everything becomes accessible.

Social Impact Of Media

As time has passed throughout history, the technology of media has made very easy to view. Now- a- days most of the students are encouraged to use various media tools in their schools and also they expected to have general understandings. For various communication tools like Skype, e-mail and Facebook are the apps of the internet which is one of the most effective tools in media.

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