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One of the greatest mission you have ever heard from the space organization, even the best space organizations are still not having the technique to complete a Mars Orbiter Mission, the countries who are developed still trying to reach mars.

Successful Mission Mars

There are so many countries that are well developed and they are one of the successful countries in the world. They have nothing to lose and we have so many things to achieve. They try whatever they want to because they are not running behind money they can invest as much as they want for their space research but still they are not successful to reach the Mars orbit.

There is only one country in the world who has successfully reached to the Mars orbit and completed the whole mission, well, it is none other than the country which is under development and its name is India.

The great scientist team which India has and the biggest weapon which helps them to succeed this mission is none other than their faith and trust. Their dedication towards work everything was in the post of a hundred percent, so what could stop them after having so many plus points to reach Mars.

Funding Problem

We all know that India is underdeveloped country, it does not have so many funds to raise for the space research organization, but then to the Indian Space Research Organization team which is also known as ISRO managed somehow to complete this mission in the lesser budget which they have priced good or bad they did whatever they could.

They had nothing just a faith that they could complete this mission and this whole mission was successful just by their hard work. There were so many difficulties which they faced but as we know Indians have a fighting nature and they could never give up on anything. This helps them out to come out of all these problems.

The Indian government was also not capable of releasing funds for this mission but the ISRO team manage somehow to do it in the annual budget which was provided to them in and created a history.

Demotivation From The World

Now, you must be thinking that the whole world was demotivating the country India that you are still a developing country and there are countries who are already developed they could not reach to the mass on their sixth or seventh try and you as a developing country want to reach on Mars on your first attempt.

It was a serious case of foolishness each and every country told us the same thing, no one was ready to understand or even listen to the idea. But the Indian research team did the impossible just by their hard work, they somehow managed to stop the Chandrayaan II project and invest in the Mars mission. But as we know the Chandrayaan II project was almost about to complete so the budget was already half but the team was having the full faith in it so they manage to launch the Mars mission with the full success rate.

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