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If we talk about the creativity of man we can see it everywhere in our surroundings. And if we see the machinery in our surrounding we can feel that we are totally dependent upon them for even the smallest work to be done.

Reducing Workload Through Machine

The machine is created for reducing the workload of a man. Well, this is also one of the benefits for the man it’s self because the perfection and exact working structure for a machine is and defeat able by man. You cannot expect the exact structure which was made previously through a man.

Every time a man makes a structure it will be a little bit different from the last one. But when it comes to the machine the machine is totally programmed to make the same structure again and again. This helps in the production of the product and the same quality and design every time.

Man Created A Machine

Today if we see that are we surrounded by the machines or by the man we can figure out what we are actually surrounded by the machines. Well, we cannot deny that every machine which is made for reducing the workload of a man is already created by the man.

The man has created the machine to reduce the workload but now the man is being dependent upon the machinery which is actually not a good symbol. 

A man needs to understand that the machine is only there to reduce the workload but the smart way to do so is not depending upon it for every single thing.

Factories Worker

In the olden days if we see that the whole factory used to walk on the workers. There was no way to complete any kind of work without them because the whole system was dependent upon human work.

But now the scenario is been totally different each and every factory is now made of so many machineries is that it does not even require more than 20 to 30 workers in the factory. Which has reduced the employment for the people who are not more educated?

Development of Country

Now if we talk about the development of our country it totally depends upon the economy of our people. The more people get employment the economy gets priced and the more technology is introduced makes man life easier.

Today the development of a country is the most important thing to do. Each and every person is trying his best to be a great asset to their country. For the development of the country, machines have played a very important role. The human beans have created such unique and useful types of machinery which reduced the workload of a man.

But this is also a reason that the man is getting more and more useless because he wants everything to spoon-feed right now. Which is actually not the right thing to do but human beings do not understand it. And still trying to make more machines for making their workload less. 

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