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We can define love as the feeling of the people, this differs from person to person. Mainly we get love with the animals, natures, mostly we love our parents, our best friend, life partner, etc. from the time of the birth till the end of the life there is the emotion of the love craved in each on. Being loved or loving something is very much different emotion.

There is a strong bond between the mother and the child, we can observe that if the child is been pick by the stranger then the child cries. Hence we can guess that there is the love between the mother and the child.

Types Of Love:

Parents And Child Relationship

There is a different bond between the parents and the children we are lucky enough that we get the first love of our parents. At the same time, there are children who are not lucky enough to get the parents to love.

But when the children come to the maturity level some of them start to neglect their parents. Same if the parents get old they also need the same love and the affection from their children limitlessly.

Relationship Between Siblings

At some of the houses, there are many siblings at a time, there should be the bond between them, because if there is the love among the siblings then there will be the support among them in all situation.

If there is no love among the sibling then there will be a rivalry among them, this causes the problem in the home to the parents.

Romantic Relationship

The romantic relationships are born out of the love between the two people. Sometimes in the drift there in the fade of love between the couple, there is the frustration arrive when there is no love.


If there is love among the friends then only the friendship last long, but some of them shows out their true color. This fake type of friendship never been alive till the end, and the loyal between the friends only last long in the future. So friendship is also one type of showing love.

Love Only Not Enough

Only loving deeply from the heart will be not enough, keeping it alive is very much important if the parents love their children then there to be given the security and the safety for them with the love.

As per the children also they should not only love parents along with it they should respect the parents and obey with their wordings. And the romantic relationship should also be true because if it not then it can make us feel very bad.

Love Must Be Kept Alive

Love is blind, this is the true saying. Love doesn’t see the cast, color, etc. this happens then this should be taken till the last of the life. With the feeling of love, there should be humor, true, care, honesty, kindness, etc. among the people who are loving each other.

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