Love Marriage VS Arranged Marriage

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Marriage is a stage when two people decide to become united to spend the rest of their life together. Both the partner observe some oath for their partner.

In modern days, more or some of the meaning changed in the marriage. The more flexible space has been given to the girls, to choose their partner same applies to the boys.

The modern individual gets interacted with the opposite sex in a minimum time, this results in the increasing rate of love marriage. However, there are some people, who still believe the arranged marriage continues the last long. The love marriage lack in earning the respect which arranges marriage gets.


In ancient India, many limitations were bound in the living style of women. They were not allowed to speak about their choices. But, it was not a tough job to get married to a person of love. Many of the tales of the god, give the description of the falling in love and getting married.

Later on, the time changed and obeying te obey of elders, was the only option left for their children. Whether the to be a wife or to be husband is likened by the other partner or not, but they have to obey the order of family especially of elders.

The caste system and wealth took the matter. The family member wants the marriage of their children should take place in the same caste family and also the family should be wealthy.

Gradually, people start looking at the fact of love marriage with the negative eye, but still, there was some individual who gets fall in the love with the partner who can be whether rich or poor and can also be from the different caste.

Below are the given some of the advantage and disadvantage of both i.e. Love marriage and Arranged marriage.

The Advantage Of Love Marriage

In love marriage, there is no bar of age, appearance, wealth or any such criteria. The people who fall in love just they believe in the love of their partner, the other things don’t make any matter fo them.

There is no demand of dowry in the love marriage. The girl can move to with their husband in one set of clothes. The love marriage couple can fulfill their dream with one decision as they know each other from before only.

The love marriage couple knows the background of each other, there is no space for a fight in the marriage.

The Advantage Of Arranged Marriage

The family always stands in behind with the couple with every type of support. The arrange marriage earn good respect in the society if any problem arises in the marriage, the family members support and make understand the couple.

Parents make good choices in term of family financial status and in terms of looks of the partners.

Love V/S Arrange:

The love marriage does not have any secure future, while the arrange marriage posses secured future as the parents are involved from both the side.

In love marriage, the individual doesn’t think of the future but in the arranged marriage the parents make the girls marry in a wealthy family and the family of boys needs the beautiful appearance of the girl.

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