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Firstly, the lotus flower is a symbol of purity, beauty, opulence, grace, prosperity, wisdom, etc. Because of its importance and popularity, the lotus flower is the national flower of India.

The Flower

Lotus is the national flower of India and it is very beautiful. It has a diameter of 1-3 meters. It blooms in ponds, pools, and reservoirs, etc. It blooms in the middle of the mud. It is basically the flower of India but now it is also found abroad.

It is considered a symbol of purity since ancient times. Its leaves are circular and large and are slightly shiny. It is half underwater and half appears on the top surface of the water. It is found in only two colors, white and pink.

The lotus flower blooms for only three days after which all the petals fall into the water one by one. Lotus flower has many petals. Lotus leaves are smooth. Lotus seeds are light-colored but after drying they become dark black.

Lotus is Considered Auspicious In India

Goddess Laxmi sits on the lotus flower, due to which it is considered a symbol of wealth. Along with Goddess Brahma, the goddess of learning Saraswati Ji exists on the lotus, due to which it is also considered a symbol of Gyan.

Lotus is considered auspicious in Indian culture. It blooms from March to August. It blossoms with sunrise and blossoms throughout the day and withers with sunshine.

Uses of The Lotus Flower

Lotus flower is used in puja Archana. It is used for worshiping God. It is used in decoration. Its various parts are used in different work. Many medicines are also made from this flower. Lotus leaves are useful in the treatment of skin disease.

Lotus honey is very beneficial for the eyes. The lotus flower is very large. Although the lotus is primarily considered as an ornamental plant and its flowers are used for religious purposes, it has many other uses.

Larger leaves are used as plates to take food. The stem of the flower and seeds are used as food. In addition, they have many medicinal values.

Interesting Facts About a Lotus

  • The height of a lotus flower is only 49 inches while this width can be up to 10 feet.
  • Water does not stick on lotus leaves due to its waxy coating and even it helps the flower to prevent insects or chemicals etc.
  • Lotus flowers fascinate everyone.
  • The lotus flower is known by different names in different languages.
  • It is a part of art and our culture.
  • No person can break it because of the bloom in the mud.
  • White lotus usually is seen near Kashi.
  • Lotus is a very versatile and adorable flower.
  • Its importance has made it a national flower and the pink-colored lotus is our national flower.


In the old times, the king used to use lotus flowers to keep their hair black. Lotus flower has special significance because it maintains its beauty even when it is in the mud.

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