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Lohri is the main festivals of Punjabi, this festival is been celebrated during the winter season. On this day there is great celebration due to the harvesting of the crops. All the people come together and dance around the bone fire and sing the song.

On this day the day is small and the night is very long, so this day is been celebrated as the Lohri festival. Not only Punjabi celebrated this festival but also the people living in northern Asia like the people of the Haryana and Himachal Pradesh also celebrated this festival.

Why It Is Celebrated

The main reason behind the celebration of this festival is, there is the belief that the word Lohri is been originated from the word “Loh” the device which is been used to make the chapattis.

Then after there is the belief that the word “Loi” means the wife of Saint Kabir from that is originated.

Lastly, the financial year of the farmers starts by celebrating this festival Lohri.


All the festivals in India are been celebrated with great joy and happiness, this festival is also celebrated with all the joys. All the family members are been together and celebrated this festival. They offer sweets to each and everyone who are been invited.

This festival gives the main importance to the farmers because on this day there is the harvesting of the crops in the fields. On the night of these festivals, the people put up the born fire and then after there are the singing and the dancing around it.

While dancing and the singing of the songs they throw some of the popcorn, sesame seeds, sugar candies on the barn fire.

There is the different celebration at the different place in India with different names such as Bhogi in the Andhra Pradesh, Magha Bihu in the Assam, Makar Sankranti in the Karnataka, UP and Bihar, Pongal in the Tamil Nadu, Tai Pongal in Kerala, etc.

On this day there is the different cuisine made by the people, enjoy eating delicious foods like Sarson ka saag, Makki ki roti, til, gur, gazak, moongphali, popcorn and phuliya as a Prasad. All the people sing and dance and enjoy eating Lohri Prasad.

On the morning of this day, there is the dance of the Punjabi that is the Bhangra dance in the beat of the dhol, there is the lots of the enjoyment and this significance the start of the financial year.

The Modern Celebration Of Lohri

Nowadays the people are been aware of the importance of the environment so they celebrated this festival in a modern way.

People gift each other the chocolates and the chocolate gajaks, because of the environmental pollution people look after that they don’t cut many trees for the bone fire. So there are various changes due to the pollution factor is not in the balance.


Mainly this festival signifies the importance of the crops and the farmers. The main crop of the winter called wheat is sown in the October however harvested at the end of March or start of April. Before cutting, collecting and bringing the crop to home, farmers celebrate this Lohri festival and enjoy.

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