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The life in a city, before understanding it let’s understand the meaning of a city. Cities are culture or a system where there are large human settlements and various facilities provided in the cities.

First, the places with physical roads work known as a city but now due to industrial development and development of the country physical Road have reached every part of the country.

The word City also means a larger population density and a good infrastructure and also a good economy.

The life in the City is very speeding as people here work too much for the development of themselves and the country. The life in the city is also very less due to the dense population.

With the populated cities that also contains many pollutions due to the industrial revolution and also the increase in the use of an automobile for traveling. Also, the life in the cities is luxurious, but it depends upon how much rich you are.

But living in cities, we get a variety of adventures. Everything is available in the cities rather than villages. Hence people 360 work for money for a better life.

Advantages Of Living In A City 

There are various advantages of living in a city; the city has good infrastructure with good roads for the purpose of traveling, so it is very easy to travel from one place to another as there are also vehicles for traveling.

Also, there is no hard work to get water at home water comes at home through the tap, so it is assessable whenever it is needed, but it should be used within limits.

There are also facilities of toilets in the City in your room, so you don’t have to search for places to do toilet. They are also sanitary garbage collecting facilities due to which there are fewer problems of diseases due to waste around us.

If there are health problems, there are also many Hospital with qualified doctors and advanced technology which help in the treatment of the disease or disorder.

The cities are the best place for getting an education because there are many schools and qualified teachers who teach in the school and there are also various activities that take place in the schools to make students learning easy.

Disadvantages Of City Life 

With some advantages of living in the city there also some disadvantages as the cities are populated there is less space and extremely congested due to the less space it is very expensive to afford a house or a living space.

As the increasing population, there is also an increase in the number of vehicles which causes traffic problems due to which sometimes it is very hard to reach at a time at any place.

The cities are polluted by every mean by air by wind and also buy water due to which there are many health problems to the individual this. The people here leave a stressed life which has an adverse effect on life.

Sometimes due to an accumulation of water at any place increases the population of mosquitoes which causes many different diseases such as malaria and dengue.

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