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When we think of the word on the library, we find it composed by the combination of two words- book + hall; That is the house of the book. Where there are different types of books and those studied independently, it is called the library. On the contrary, where books are but they are not studied independently, and they are locked in the cupboard, they are not called libraries. From this perspective, the library is a big center of knowledge and study.

Facilities Of Library Now And Before

In ancient times books were not a place like the libraries of today, But in ancient times books used to be handwritten. So, these books were used by only one person. Secondly, getting knowledge from books in ancient times was a very difficult task; Because books are found in the same type of place today; That did not get so much.

Therefore, the facilities we have received today, to enjoy the joy, knowledge or entertainment from a variety of books, were not so much earlier. In this way, the library is playing an important role in providing such facilities to us today.


There are many types of libraries. Some libraries are personal, some are public, and some are official libraries. Personal libraries, they are libraries, which are related to a particular person.

Personal Library

The personal library is also called the private library. These types of libraries are mainly run by rich and rich people. The number of such libraries is also limited to the readers; Because, due to independent rights, all readers cannot be able to follow the rules and principles of these libraries.

 Institutional (Official) Library

The institutional library also has a special type of library in different types of libraries. Institutional library means the library run by an institution. Such libraries operate by schools, colleges, universities or any other organization. Such libraries are not like personal or private libraries which are run independently.

The readers of the Institutional Library are neither limited nor have limited rules, but such libraries keep the number of readers unlimited with detailed rules. Therefore, the number of books in these libraries is also very large or unlimited. Likewise, the books of such libraries are both valuable and depleted (supplied and resources of), meaning both cheap and expensive. We can say that the books of these libraries are of high quality even in the middle class.

Public Libraries

In this, the libraries are for every one of public libraries. The number of public libraries is much less than the number of institutional libraries; Because the use or relation of such libraries exceeds only intellectual and book lovers. Public libraries are operated either by the government or elsewhere by social institutions.

Regardless of what these libraries get recognized by the government. The government does help from these libraries from time to time. Therefore, the future of public libraries is not as dark as individual libraries.

Importune Of Library In Day To Day Life

The library plays an important role in providing the mysterious information about the science of knowledge. These give us the sensation. Let us go towards the light of knowledge with the darkness of ignorance. That’s why we must use the libraries as much as possible without the library there is no future.

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