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There are so many places on the earth and each and every place has its own uniqueness or beauty. Kashmir is one of the best places to visit and a very good tourist spot also.

Story of Kashmir

Kashmir used to come in the territory of India which was known as Bharat in olden days. In the olden days, there was the rule of the Kings each and every place was ruled by a particular king.

After the Britishers came to India and started ruling on it. They started bringing all the states in one rule and regulation and completely closed the separate kingdom function.

Before the Britishers left India they divided India into two parts. The first part was India and the second part was Pakistan. When Pakistan was separated from India they started to capture Kashmir.

At that time the king of Kashmir asked for help from India. India’s president Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru helped him to save his Kashmir.

As a gift, the Prince of Kashmir signed an agreement that shows the Kashmir will be belonging to the Indians. Even today the Pakistanis try to get into Kashmir and capture it.

The Beauty of Kashmir

Well, Kashmir is very much famous for its beauty. The beautiful mountains covered with snow the beautiful environment and many more things. It is also said to be the heaven of the h now you can imagine how beautiful it would be to get this name.

People come here and visit but take so many memories with them. Which helps them to admire the whole scenario again and again in their entire life. People see the beauty of Kashmir in each part of it could be the tall trees covered with this now the rivers or the temples.

Tourist Place

In India, Kashmir is one of the biggest tourist places. There are so many Temples Rivers and beautiful spots to visit. If you visit Kashmir once in your life you will never forget the experience of it. You could imagine the beauty throughout your life and you will always tell the stories of your experience to your friends and family members.

Terrorism is a Problem

Many places in Kashmir are so beautiful that we can’t even explain it. To understand the beauty of that place you need to visit there. But apart from the beauty and glory of Kashmir, here is one more thing that brings Kashmir in the highlight.

Well, t is nothing for the rest of the world but a great problem for the people who live in Kashmir. terrorism is the biggest problem in Kashmir just because it is connected to Pakistan.  The country who always want to capture Kashmir and make it a part of Pakistan.

Because of this, the people of Kashmir have to face so many difficulties and today no one is ready to live in that terrorism. They have been through a lot and till today they are suffering through this terrorism.

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