Juvenile Delinquency

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What is Juvenile delinquency:

The person under the 18 years of year is considered a child. If any child commits any crime is called delinquency. Different countries of the globe have various meaning and age limit for the delinquency but the maximum age if fixed below i. E 18 years.

If a child in India from age seven to 18 commits a crime than they are considered as delinquent. These cases go with the children act but if the offense is made with the person who is above 18 will be viewed as criminal.

Include Any Crime

Illegal business, intake of drugs, murder, robbery, rape, etc., if any of this crime is made by the child who is under 18 will come under delinquency. These give air to the other children to do the crime, as they know that they will not get any of the punishment.

 Delinquency A Social Evil

The boys and girls do unacceptable things without any stress thinking that they would not get any severe punishment. Instead of punishing these delinquents, they are kept for some time in juvenile jail and then sent to the correction home, for making positive changes in them.

Growth By Population

The crime rate by these delinquents is increasing day by day as the population increase. The rate has also increased by the increasing migration from remote to urban areas.

The chances for face to face contact, interaction is less in mass society, which is formed by the increasing population. We have seen this in big cities that two neighboring are staying beside each other houses but for many years but not knowing to each other. At home, children are keeping things secrets from their parents. Children are no more interested in spending time with their parents.

Special Court

We have a special court for delinquent’s case. There is a trained Magistrate to look the case delicately. Nowadays the crime committed by delinquents is seen as misbehavior done towards society rather than a crime. These type of cases go under custody by the children act (1944).

Delinquent Act

Some of the delinquent act are as follows;

A sexual offense, small robbery, drug intake, leaving and running from the house, murder and rape. The boys and girls who belong from the lower class which are poorly educated or staying in slum area are indulged in this kind of delinquent act.

Previously it was seen that mainly the boys were indulged in the act, but now girls are also doing this anti-social act. As city life has developed, there is a development of this crime too.


According to the survey, it was concluded that there is a tremendous rise in the delinquency rate in India. It was 16,160 in 1991, but if we see after 13 years, i.e., in the year 1974, it was 40,666. Uttar Pradesh makes the highest delinquency rate.


When both the parents are engrossed in their occupation and does not give attention to their children act, these delinquents take roots. Its the duty and responsibility of every parent and child to talk, to maintain friendly nature with their children.

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