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We all know the consequences of junk food but then too we are not taking any decisions regarding it. Consuming junk food is the worst thing which we do in our daily routine as a human body we should never consume any junk food.

Why We Consume Junk Food

You must be thinking of why a person eats junk food when he or she knows that junk food is very much harmful to his body. Well, this is a very common question which is asked by many important people in our life.

Most of the time this question is asked by our mothers why do we the youth want to eat junk food. In comparison, the mother is making the homemade food for you but we as a kid are very much a shame to eat the home-made food in front of our college friends and office colleagues or anyone.

It is being a trend to eat junk food out of the house. When it is being a trend but it is also being a trend to get on the hospital after eating this kind of food and 90% of disease and health issues are occurring just because of junk food. Which we consume in our daily routine.

Types of Junk Food

Now you must be thinking what is a junk food does. It matters that if we bring something at home and fry it and eat it.  Well if you are bringing it from out and just frying it in the oil to eat.

Well, it is a portion of junk food but yes as you have cooked it in the home oil and it would harm you lesser as you know that the oil which is used again and again. Becomes a poison for the human but in the humans don’t understand this simple concept that the things which we eat out as a junk food so much harmful for us the oil which they are using continuously is getting poisonous for our health and we are eating it with our whole family.

Cheap in Price

Now you also know that junk food is very cheap in price to have you ever think that why is it so. Well, it is common sense to understand that if the ingredients which are used to cook that junk food are cheap only then the product which comes out as output of it will be cheaper.

Even after giving you a cheap price the owner of the junk food has a very good amount of profit from it so just think what kind of food are you eating on your daily Meal.

Home-Made Food

We all have an option to bring home-made food on a daily basis. But we don’t bring it well we don’t know why is this happening with the youth. Why are they not understanding that homemade food is the best food to eat and this would help their future also?

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