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Any journey has its pleasure. Traveling is the choice of many people. My first train trip is still unforgettable for me because, with my adventures, my first traveler has given me a friend who is the most loved of me today. So, I cannot forget that day.


Earlier, I had only heard about the railways. Today for the first time I was very excited, happy and I was in my imagination. The talk is about when I was eight years old. The company had arranged a trip for my father, for his good work on behalf of his company by the Railways.

All reservation tickets and other arrangements were made by the company earlier. As soon as the information reached me was not the limit of my happiness.

When We Reached The Railway Station

At 10:30 pm, we reached New Delhi Railway Station. I was amazed at seeing the station building and the kind of people running — many of the porter lugging on our side to carry our luggage together.

Father further indicated one of them, and then we reached the definitive platform behind him. The car was already standing there to take our luggage’s till platform. We had already reserved seats and sat down comfortably by keeping things down. Now we are on the platform and waiting for the train.

Time Spends On The Platform

The journey has started; we sat down comfortably by keeping luggage. The train was standing from half an hour. I used to shout tea and tea from the window and look at the side of the man, and then a crowd of people filling water in the front tap.

Dad had bought some magazines from the bookseller. I had just lost in the crowd of platforms that the whistle of the guard was heard and the train started running. That opportunity was very exciting for me.

About My Journey

There was a boy sitting in front of me. He was also traveling for the first time like me. Slowly we became friends; his name was Ramanand. We took dinner together at night, and my father had already bought two pillows we went to sleep. When I closed my eyes, I was enjoying the sound of the train’s moving sound.

Outdoor Scene

When I opened my eyes in the morning, the scene at that time was very pleasant. The train was running fast and tired of running away.

On the way, green trees were showing animals and birds. Hot breakfast and coffee were found in the train itself. The lively exterior scene was very seductive.

After Breakfast

Ramanand fascinated everyone with his poems. Meanwhile, our train stayed at a big station. I asked for permission from the father to get down on the platform. They gave permission, so I brought water from there in my bottle. Our train started again. I sat near the window and started enjoying the outdoor scene.


After some time, we reached the destination. We picked up our luggage and got off the train. I have not forgotten that very pleasant journey even today. It is his pleasant memories, which is intend to travel frequently.

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