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India is the country of diversity where there is the celebration of all the festival with the unity this can be only seen in India. All the festival is been celebrated with the same enthusiasm and the joy, and here come the one more festival that’s the “Janmashtami” which is the festival of Hindus.

According to the Hindu myth, this festival is been celebrated because there is the saying that on this day “Lord Krishna” was been born and hence this day is been celebrated as a great festive. This festival mainly comes in the month of July and August.


On this day all the people are been dressed with new clothes, there are many of the cuisine made by the people of the different religion. And it is been shared among the neighbor.

On the day of this festival, there is the celebration of the “Dahi handi” there is the pyramid made by standing on each other shoulder and the height is been made to reach till Handi.

Inside that Handi(Pot) there is a mixture of the curd and the milk and it is been break by the person who is in the top of the pyramid. There are the prizes for the same if the Hand is been a break. This makes much more enjoyment in this festival of Janmashtami.

There is a great celebration within the country and there is enjoyment among the people. On this day Lord Krishna is been praised with great enthusiasm. There are the prayers and the pujas are been done all through the night when he will be born. The devotional songs are been sung by different religious people.

Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna was been born around 5200 years ago, in the prison of Kansa. Then after his father, Vasudeva took the baby to his friend Nand to save the child from the hand of the King kans. Lord Krishna birth took place because to end up the evilness of his uncle and he had been successful to do this.

Has lord Krishna was been born at midnight, so it is been said that the actual celebration is been done in the night when the lord was born in the stormy and the windy night.


On this day there is the full enjoyment done by the people within the country, as there is no other country like us which celebrate all the festival within all the month. Soon this lord is been born and there is many of the competition done within the society people and also in the temples.

Mainly on this day, people prepare the sweet food like the kheer and many of the sweet, and firstly the food is been served to the lord then after the people taste it. So mainly all the festival bring the people together once again and then it represents the culture and the tradition of many of the people in the country.

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