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The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated all over in India. It is celebrated in the Hindu month of Shravan i.e. in the month of August/ September on the 8 days of ‘Ashtami’ during the midnight.

WhyIt Is Important To Celebrate Janmashtami  

Devaki and Vasudeva were the parents of Lord Krishna because of his birthday celebration this festival is celebrated as Janmashtami. Because of the Vaishnavism tradition, he is considered the Vishnu’s eight avatars.

Krishna was born in Mathura on the eight days of Bhadrapada month at midnight. In an era of chaos Krishna was born, persecution was rampant, denied freedoms, almost everywhere the evils and by uncle king kansa there was a threat to his life.

His father took him across the Yamuna for fostering the parents in Gokul whose name was Amanda and Yashoda, by immediately following the birth at Nathdwara.

In this festival, people keep the fast, keep vigil in the night and singing the devotional songs for Krishna. Because of these activities, people celebrate this festival.

After the midnight birth of Lord Krishna, the statues of baby Krishna are clothed and washed, then it placed in the cradle. Then afterward, fast was broken by all the devotees, by sharing as well as sweets. Outside their house doors and kitchen women draw tiny footprints.

What Type Of Celebration People Do At Every Janmashtami 

By singing, fasting, praying together, preparing and sharing special foods, night visiting and vigil at Vishnu temples. Organization of recitation of Bhagavata Kuran and Bhagavad Gita is organized in Krishna temples.

Many communities organize events like dance, drama, singing, etc. which are called as Rasa Lila which is very popular in Mathura region, in the northeastern state of India like Assam and Manipur and also in parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

In the state of Maharashtra, Janmashtami is most popularly celebrated in the cities such as Pune and Mumbai. The day after Janmashtami, it is celebrated as Dahi Handi which comes in every August and September.

From the legend of baby Krishna, the festival gets the popular name. In his pursuit, Krishna would try with all sorts of creative ideas, such as to break the high hanging pot he and all his friends tried to make the pyramids. In India, the Maharashtra state and other states, all the boys, as well as girls, played this game of DAHI HANDI.

In the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan, people live in Dwarka Gujarat where it was believed by Krishna that he would establish his kingdom and used to celebrate the festival similar to duh handi called as Makhan Handi.

In the Kutch district, with group singing, farmers decorate the bullock carts and take out the lord Krishna procession.

In the state of Odisha and West Bengal, Specifically in the region of around the Puri and in Nabadwip, West Bengal, this festival also referred to as Shri Jayanti or Sri Krishna Jayanti in the state of Odisha and West Bengal.   

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