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ISRO Indian space research Organization the department on which the whole country is proud. Today whatever India has achieved in the space it is just because of this organization.

What is ISRO

Today each and every Indian knows about his room because it is now just not a single name it is a very big organization that can do impossible things. ISRO is the short form of Indian space research organization which makes all the impossible tasks possible in the space.

Indian is aware of this organization and its hard work today we are going to explain to you about this organization. ISRO which is known as Indian space research organization works for the government it makes all the possible things for research in this space.

Just because of the people who work so hard in ISRO today we are one of the most inspiring countries in the world. I have done so many impossible missions without even the proper guidance. The problems were endless and there were no possible ways to come out of it but then to people figure out some of the other ways to get out of the problem.

Who Started ISRO

Well, this is a very important question which every Indian has in his mind. Indian space research organization was started by a great man known as APJ Abdul Kalam he was the first scientist in ISRO. Today whatever achievements we are doing from this organization is just because of this great leader.

ISRO was started very late after independence because there was no proper funding for space research in India. Slowly and study leave when the Indian government understood that being in space can make our country more strong they started investing in it.

The missions which work accomplished from ISRO were tremendous and till today there are so many countries who are trying to achieve that goal. And we as Indians never underestimate any of them whoever asks for help we always help them out for any kind of resource or information.

Achievements of Indian Space Research Organization

If we talk about the achievements of ISRO they are Number of achievements. The achievements to make their own rocket and even their own Launchpad to launch the rocket.

Till today there are countries who are trying to launch their own rocket from there on launching pad. Still, they are dependent upon others to do so. Today India has achieved so many different awards just because of Indian space research organization and its hard-working employees.

Today every kid in India wishes to join ISRO it is a kind of honor for every person in India to join this wonderful organization. Today is so is trying to make more and more difficult thanks in an easier manner.

This is a great help to the entire world from the ISRO so that no one has to face the difficulties which India has already achieved. Because of this, the relations between other countries and India have also improved very much.

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Updated: February 24, 2020 — 10:22 am

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