Essay On International Yoga Day For Students And Children In Simple English


Yoga is a thing which is done by people from the past years for about 5000 years ago yoga is being practiced by the people to keep their mind fresh and their body healthy. As yoga is a thing which is done by the people to keep their Mind free from stress as it gives our body strength to fight against any things and it is a type of exercise that is done by the people and doing yoga regularly could help people to maintain a great physic and also it would be able to fresh our mind from all the things and the day of people could be able to spend well without any stress.

As yoga being practiced regularly by the people from the past year and because of this it has given a special day to celebrate yoga as it is the International yoga day which is celebrated on 21st June all over the world as it could be done for the Awareness of fitness and doing yoga amongst the people.

The Idea And Motive Of yoga day

Yoga is a thing which is done to keep mind fresh mental strength and spiritual practice to be done, and mostly this yoga is originated in India and the idea of making this international day 21st June as a yoga day the idea was suggested by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he was giving a speech at UN and because of this the people around the world decided to make this date 21st June as International yoga day and from then it is declared as International yoga day on 21st June since 2014.

Yoga can be said as harmony between the man and nature as it approaches the health and well-being of a person and it is not about the exercise but it is to discover the sense among yourself, and it is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It was a great thing that is suggested by the Prime Minister of India, and it is mostly followed by many countries as it is a good thing to keep their mind fresh from all the world if a person does yoga daily and regularly.

On International Yoga Day

After the inauguration of this International yoga day on 21st June most of the country started to adopt these and follow the yoga on the day as all the people comes together in some of the places and practice yoga with one another so because of this they spread the Awareness of yoga and fitness amongst the people.

Not only the people but most of the great celebrities and Businessman also take part in this yoga day removing some time from the day and come together and take part in this International yoga day. As this yoga day is growing from years as many countries adopted this many people also create awareness by posting and clicking photos and telling other people to join this International yoga day.


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