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Terrorism is a very big problem which is each and every country in the world facing. Nobody loves to be a part of the terrorist attacks, everyone just prays that no one ever should be in the condition of it because it is the worst thing to be in your whole life.

Terrorist Organisations

Who is the terrorist and how do they get into our cities? To explore that terrorism who gives them this permission and what does the get out of it? Well, as a youngster, as a youth we all have these questions in our mind but there are few answers which we haven’t received yet and as a youth as a youngster today we will be trying to understand the reason behind all the situations which are happening around us.

Who Creates This Terrorism?

This is a question which each one of us wants to find the answer. Well, it is the people who are frustrated from their life and always play game for whatever has happened wrong in their life to others they are the people who do not take any kind of responsibilities of their work they are influencing the youth and brainwashing them to watch the terrorism and they have made it as a job for them and this is the worst thing which we can imagine there are so many ways from which they are destroying our upcoming generation we can’t even imagine in this people just want terrorism to be explode everywhere they do not care about lives and happiness they just want their rule over all the World and keeping this mentality is exploding the terrorism everywhere to stop this kind of people we have to stop this mentality first which is making the youth a part of it if we stop blaming others and take up the responsibilities seriously we could stop this kind of situations which are happening today

What is The Benefit of Terrorism?

The people who love to spread terrorism are the least satisfied people, they cannot be happy with anything they just want to explore that terrorism everywhere. They are getting benefits from it but they don’t understand by what cause they are getting the benefit and is it a real benefit or not.

They had some problems in their past and keeping a mentality of spreading terrorism is the worst mentality you could ever see but who will explain to them about the situation. They are not even ready to understand the worst things they are doing in their daily routine. They are spreading terrorism and creating the weapons which were made to run the country, they are influencing the kids to become a part of it and spread terrorism.

Kids Also Agree

When the kids are very much talented but because of some reason they are left-back, they cannot digest the failure which they have seen just now. So, they think that everyone is responsible for their failure and this is the reason that the youngsters agree to be a part of the terrorism.

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Updated: January 8, 2020 — 12:21 pm

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