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Natural disaster is creating the great problem throughout the world so to get aware about the natural disaster the world as choose one of the day to celebrate that is on 13th October as the international day for the natural disaster reduction, there are many of the natural disaster occurred that are like the volcanoes, tsunami, floods, typhoons, earthquake tis are some of the disaster which never make us alert before the happening of the disaster and if it occurs one time then there are many of the losses of the life and the property in a very big manner, and this destroys all the things.

Why This International Day Of Natural Disaster Id Been Celebrated?    

This day is celebrated because to make aware of the people about the disaster which is occurring due to the man-made pollution like the plastic in the oceans are sided with more quantity so there is the chances of the floods from this all the effect on the other hand the main problem is due to the more rainfall which causes to the problem of tsunami which can harm the natural life and the property which is very valuable once the natural disaster occurs than there are the chances of the world getting destroyed in a bad manner.

On this day there are many of the events conducted in the schools, colleges, offices and some of the disaster management force for making up the awareness for the people before any of the problems and this s the fact so this is a very better chance that the people get to know the causes before the natural calamities, all the people come to know that what are the measurements were taken during any of the natural calamities and this is the real fact.

How Is The International Day Of Natural Disaster Been Celebrated?  

Many of the people are not aware of this day so the media and the social media are playing the major role in contributing their part in giving the importance of the world international day of natural disaster, because this will encourage the people to put their efforts to the keeping of the environment clean and neat which is very much important, so this all the social media are playing an important role to make them understand about the importance of the nature and the remedies taken before the disaster happening.

All the citizens should be aware of this day because this day is chosen to get to know about the problem faced by the people during the disaster happened and the death of the people.

People of the Indian country always take the measure for the disaster management and, India is that country which contributed most of the part in which there are a lot of the natural calamities occur but the rate of the calamities are very much mild and slow, but then too there are activities which are seen to make the awareness among the people in many of the events organized on this day.

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