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India is rich in its culture and heritage. Our Indian heritage connects us with history. The Indian heritage is very lengthy and has vibrations. There are many castes, a community in India, who stay together with love and unity. However, every community has some or other stories of origin.

Various Arts

There are different arts which are followed since ancient times. There are different types of dance forms, painting, sculpting. The painting such as Madhubani painting from Bihar, Mughal painting, Mysore painting, Pahari paintings are the famous paintings.

The dance forms such as Kathak, Bharatnatyam, etc. are famous.

Customs And Tradition

The Indian customs and tradition tie the people together. In spite of Living in the modern world, there are some or the other decision of life or society which we take based on the traditional values.

These culture, customs, and tradition are the gifts which are given to us by our ancestor. If we talk about the Indian festival, The pattern of the celebration is fixed which everyone has to be followed.

No matter, whichever festival is, we greet friend and family which makes the bond of love, brotherhood, respect even stronger.

Indian Monuments

There are many monuments in India which have exciting stories behind them. For example, the Taj Mahal is assign of love which is build by the Shahjahan in the loveable memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaj Mahal. Even, the monuments, Ajanta Ellora, Qutub Minar, etc. have tales.

Many great temples are located in India which shows the presence of God in them. There is Shakti pith of goddesses Durga, Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva. And many more.

Rich Flora And Fauna

India has varieties of herbal and decorative plants. We feel great proud, as India has the most attractive biodiversities in the world. Almost there are 45,000 species of plants in India. There are many crops which are grown by India and are transported to other countries.

We even have different types of fauna, which are famous all over the world — for example, the Bengal Tiger. Nearly 1,200 species of animals and birds we find in India.


Here we will find many books written, based on the Indian culture. The knowledge and information which is given in the book are indeed true at some level.

The people all over the world want to learn our Indian literature; for this, our book has been translated in different languages to give information to the other who are not able to read Sanskrit or Hindi.


Many of the heritage, are getting deteriorating by the time, the reason for this can be the human activity or natural calamity. If we will not preserve this heritage wisely than the future generation will not be able to know about Indian customs and tradition.


The rich culture, literature, and traditions of India are appreciated worldwide. Every citizen of India must maintain this fabulous heritage for themselves and the next generation.

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