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India is our country, and the noble profession of our beloved nation is farming. It is only because of the farmer that we can survive as they cultivate by their hard work in fields. We can say crops are farmers hope of livelihood and they sow the seed of love to grow them.

Who Is A Farmer

When a person does agricultural work such as raising crops, poultry or vineyard, to earn for his livelihood is referred to as a farmer. A farmer is a significant person in society. Many farmers own their field or many works as labor for others.


According to the report made in 2011, 118.7 million people in India are engaged in farming. About 31.55% of the total population of rural area are working as labor or worker in the field.

The Job Of A Farmer

It is not like the crops grow in a single day. To cultivate these crops farmer works day and night. Initially, a farmer plows a field. They sow seed and also waters regularly. A farmer always takes care of their crops which are growing in their area.

Farmer also put beneficial fertilizers in their respective field in the meanwhile they also sprinkle insecticide and pesticide to protect the crops from the various harmful insects and pest.

Role Of Education

As earlier there were many farmers illiterate, so they used the old technique of farming. To educate farmer government launch various campaign and also there are many television programmes which are telecast on tv.

Many years back it was seen that uneducated people choose the profession of farming but nowadays even educated person go with farming as there occupation. Instead of using an ox to plow field farmer used Tractor which is much easier to buy in easy installment.

Same as the tractor, it is straightforward to adopt modern technology in the field of agriculture.

A Farmer A God

In Hindi farmer is called as Annadata which means food provider. They have an excellent quality of patience. The Indian farmer is very honest in their profession. Along with honesty and patience, they also possess a huge heart.

We have heard sometimes, the crops get destroyed due to the adverse impact of climate or other reason, but farmers actively face the situation.

Sometimes these food providers give up their lives. As our farming is primarily based on monsoon and due to the lousy monsoon when they cannot earn for their livelihood, they lose all the hope. It is also seen the poor farmer borrows the money from the rich man as a mortgage loan. When the farmer is not able to return the money on time, the rich man directly captures the property. Due to all this pressure, the farmer follows the path of giving up.


Many rich people don’t show respect to farmers, but they forget that it is only because of them we are eating various food. Thanks to the Government who launched various free programme for the farmer which help them in the field. I have great respect and gratitude for our Annadata(farmer).

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