Essay On Indian Culture And Heritage For Students And Children In Simple English


The culture of India is the everything as the idea of the people or the way of living of the people their belief their Gods rituals values habits their knowledge etc. all these things are culture of India, and it has been started from the ancient times and the people follow this culture in this present world, as well as the culture, is the thing in which way we behave with others represent our values and understanding that we have got from our culture and spread our belief with others.

In agricultural values principle in ethics that are being taught to them by their old people and it is passed to the next generation, and this culture and belief are going through generations, and so every child behaves well to others as they know about cultural from their parents. And these Indian culture is great which is respected by all the people.

Different Indian culture

As there are many different religions in India and the culture is being seen in all these different religions as we can see that the culture is in dance fashion music behavior food dressing sense and all the things this religion culture differs from one another as our India is a big Nation which having various believes and behaviors which gives birth to different culture and religion with live each other and celebrate altogether.

This culture is started from the ancient times as the Hindu religion was originated and being scripted in the Sanskrit language and originated from the Vedas the past of the Jainism exists in the Indus valley and Buddhism is being originated by the teachings of Lord Gautama Buddha and like this the other the other religions of India is originated from the ancient times.

As there are much different religion and cultural tradition that is being celebrated by different people but the people of each religion live together peacefully and celebrate their rituals and belief without affecting other religion, in India it is also celebrating some national festivals by getting together such as Republic Day Independent Day Gandhi Jayanti and some various social events is being celebrated by the people altogether and all the religious people come and participate in this national festivals.

Forms and types of culture

Vector design of Maharashtrian family showing the culture of Maharashtra, India

As there has been seen many different languages and dressing styles and the festivals of all the religions are being different, but people celebrated all these things coming together as India is a United Nations. Not only in the languages but there is a difference between Indian rituals and also the difference in the wedding rituals in all religions.

Not only in the rituals but also in the film industry such as in South side of India it has Tollywood which mostly runs by south industry as Tamil Telugu and in other parts mostly have Bollywood which runs by the Hindi languages in there are also movies that are made on Gujarati Bhojpuri and Marathi languages and all the people of the different religions can see all these types of movies. So in all the forms of religions, there are different types of cultures that has been celebrated by the people in India and their cultures and the all the things traditions people comes together they celebrate it equally in India.

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