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Essay On Importance Of Water For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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It is said that water is life. Without water, human life cannot be imagined. Humans are engaged in exploring “the water from the moon to the surface of Mars” so that the possibilities of life can be searched there. But, on the earth, we understand the atomic value of water. It is said that the water is as low as you drink. But, is this thing completely true? Probably not!

Drinking excessive water can also cause health damage. Everything is bad and excessive water is no exception. Waterworks nourish just like carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Water plays an important role in keeping the joints healthy, along with the smoothness of our knees, wrists and all intimate parts. Let know some the importance of water and some things related to it.

 Is There Much Water Damage?

Yes, drinking more water than you can from your body through sweat, excretion, and breath, etc. can be harmful. An overdose of water puts excessive pressure on the kidneys.

 Do Those In The Gym Need To Drink More?

Your activities determine your drinking ability. You should take half glass or 100 mm per 100 calories. Drink water according to this can be slightly up down. If you run too much race or walk, then it should add between 500 and 1000 calories. If you go to the gym, then you should drink more water.

How Much Water Should Women And Men Drink?

The need for drinking water for women and men depends on their BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) and activity level. Normally, the person who does not go to the gym should drink 500 calories and go to the gym according to 1000 calories. Nonetheless, it is necessary to drink 100 ml of water for 100 calories. For a healthy person, it is enough to drink 12-13 glasses of water throughout the day.

Does Acid Water Come From Drinking Less Water?

It is true that water prevents bladder cancer. But children should drink water for energy. Only adults are advised to drink more water to prevent bladder cancer. The high level of acid in urine is not harmful, but the problem arises when a person is again a woman or a man with a bad diet and overweight. In such a situation, it is advisable to reduce the urine acid level by drinking maximum water.

 How Much Water Should A Pregnant And Lactating Woman Drink?

Water is also very important for pregnant nutrition. During pregnancy, it has effects in different forms. Pregnant women are advised to drink at least 13 glasses of water with juice and other than water, such as tea, coffee, or milk in the day. Women should pay a lot of attention to liquids. Drinking a glass of water before you start doing some kind of work is quite beneficial.

What Should Be The Water Before And After Eating?


In our body, the work of water from the enzyme is protein molecules in the cell which work as catalysts (a substance that increases the rate of a chemical) is not completed as it does not mix in our digestive tract. Water then divides nutritious food into the body into pieces. That is why it is recommended to drink water sometime before eating. Water is very important in every human life.

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