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We all know what is the importance of water in our life, But just to explain you that water is something which is on human beings are alive in this world. If water is completely gone from the earth, the human race will automatically get erased within a day.

Usage of Water

Well water is used for different purposes to different things. Here are few of the different uses which we do in our day to day routine life.

Drinking Water

Drinking water is something which makes a human being alive. If a human being do not drink water more than 12 hours people definitely deem and make himself more comfortable for the time.

Water drinking is a very good habit all the doctors recommend that a normal person should at least consume 2 to 3 Liter of water every day.


We all love a clean place to live to visit how to use. But we all know that to do any kind of cleaning washing we need water.

If you want to be neat and clean clothes we need water, if we want a neat floor we need ware if we want clean toilets we need water. So for every need which you have in your daily routine you need the water.


After drinking and cleaning what does want to do well is something which is not only required for human it is also required for animals and for the plants.

Without water the plants cannot grow if a farmer could not get water on time is filed will be destroyed within 2 to 3 days. With the help of water the farmer can easily make the vegetables grow.

What is Water Cycle?

Most of the people don’t know what is water cycle? And how we gets the water from the sky. Well it is very easy we all must have learnt in our school time that the clouds contain the water but how does the clouds get this water.

This water cycle is held with the help of sun just giving you a small example sun heats the water and water gets evaporated, after getting evaporated it becomes a cloud and after a certain duration the cloud reaches to the centre of the city and it rains, this is the water cycle which we all learn in school times.

Important Source of Water

Well there are two important source of water first is surface water and second is groundwater. Let’s talk about the surface water, most of the people do know about the surface water.

The surface water is found in rivers, lakes, and in ocean and raise a voice that’s what else are used for the people to bring and to survive for their life.

Now we will talk about the ground water. Ground water something which is present in the surface of the earth. People find this water from the ground and start using it.

No one knows how is this groundwater has come to existence but after starting on this stuff people understand that most of the rivers are also connected from the ground of about surface so it is some or the other way connected to the oceans for water.

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