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Trees are the most amazing plants in the world. Each of them over time becomes an ecosystem in itself, allowing the seeds of many other plant beings to germinate between the hollows of its trunk and branches, and providing them with the shade and humidity they so badly need.

An Important Source Of Life

They are an important source of life, not only for the forests but also for the rest of the living beings that inhabit this planet.

In the world, it is estimated that there are about 3 billion trees. They may seem like a lot, but we have to take into account that each human being needs the oxygen released by 4 individuals. There are currently some 7 million people on the globe, and many of them are dedicated to deforestation, putting at risk everyone who lives here, since 15.3 billion trees are cut down per year.

One Tree-Many Help

Some people go to a forest and only see firewood, but these plants are much more than wood. With their roots, they fix the soil preventing it from eroding; the fruits of many of them are edible, for us as well as for birds and other animals, and thanks to the water vapor released by their leaves they maintain a stable temperature.

Storage Of Carbon

To all these amazing qualities we have to add another one that is also very important: carbon storage. Due to all this, the effects of global warming can be counteracted.

The Plantation Is Necessary

The trees embellish the landscape, but also our own life. If one-third of the Earth were covered in forests, the chances are that the problems would diminish, or even disappear. Therefore, whenever possible, it is highly recommended that one must plant one, in the garden, in the yard or in a forest. This will help you take care of life on Earth.

Many Problem-One Solutions

All humanity has to take action in the face of environmental problems and in that which plays a more important part in global warmings, such as environmental pollution since this problem generates other problems of impact on the air, water, soil, plants, and animals.

Trees-Lungs Of The Planet

Therefore, in the face of deforestation, felling of trees and environmental pollution, the planet urgently needs trees that can get oxygen and maintain environmental quality for the survival of all the species that inhabit this world. Trees are the lungs of the planet absorbing greenhouse gases and become ecosystems for biological diversity.

The Main Function Of Trees

Therefore, a tree is a plant of height approximately 6mt onwards and which are formed by the root, trunk, leaves, branches and the crown. Among its main functions are reduction of air and sound pollution, hydric and thermal regulation, climate regulation, habitats of animals and plants, among other functions of natural balance.


As the by planting a tree we can contribute a lot for the planet. So, every citizen should take initiation for the same.

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