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If we talk about the traffic rules in India there are so many traffic rules which should be followed by the Indian citizens. which makes their life most secure on the rules and reduce the chances of accidents in the day to day activities.

Politician Car

We as human being follow all the rules and regulations but there are so many politicians which do not follow these rules and regulations. As a human being as a responsible citizen of India, the politicians should also be stopped.

On the red light and they should also be considered as a common man. When it comes to rules and regulation we cannot compensate any rules for anyone until and unless it’s very important to do.

If there is something kind of emergency they can break the rules and later on they can pay the fine whatever it is. But if it is just a common day for them they should never forget that they are also coming into the rules and regulations which the Indian government has written.

Different Rules for Different Vehicles

In traffic control, there are different rules for different vehicles for example if a truck is overloaded they need to pay a fine for it. They cannot take the truck with the overload.

They have to reduce the load from the truck. Well, it is something which costs more to the truck owner but it is not safe in the rules of traffic. So they should always consider safety first.

Next to the transportation buses nowadays the buses are being so crowded and the people were filled like anything. They should stop doing this because feeling the buses overload leads to an accident which could causemore than expected.

Just because of the mistake of overloading the bus the whole group of people on the bus have to suffer for it. It would be just a mistake by the traffic police because they did not see that this kind of vehicle was running on the road.

Government Launch Some Strict Rules

In the last few days, the government has launched some strict rules with a good amount of fine on breaking of any traffic rules. Well, this is the great thing which the government has done now.

Right or wrong they have taken a very good initiative to stop these accidents now the people are very much aware of the traffic rules. They are taking care that they do not break any kind of rules. Because the fine is more than their expectations.

If they Pay this kind of fine on a regular basis they could not save a single rupee for themselves this is making more awareness in social media and between the people.

An because of the fear of fine everyone is following the rules on the road. This has led to fewer accidents in the last few days well the rule is a bit strict but the people need to understand the importance of life.

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Updated: January 11, 2020 — 11:51 am

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