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Essay On Importance Of Time For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Time is the great teacher of a human being, it teaches the many things, bypassing itself. Every person should make the proper use of their time, the management of time is very much necessary to become a successful person.

Time Is Money

In order to make a good name and fame, everyone should make use of time. The time management should be taught to the child from is early days. The teaching at an early age will develop the mind of children.

When we learn about the great personalities of India, what we find, that they always used to respect the time and used to complete the allotted work to them in the given time.


Time management is quite tough, one has to learn the trick in which they can complete their task in a shorter span. The trick for the same is simple, and it is called as pre-planning. Yes, the preplanning of the day can save us much time.

Whether we talk about the school student or a working adult, everyone has to complete the various task in a day, and for this pre-planning is necessary.


The main priority is should be given by the individual to the work, which is allotted to them, a chart should be made in which list of works should be mentioned, prepare the time by yourself for the each given task. This can help to finish the work in a given time.

Creating A Better Future

The student who respects the time, who works accordingly, can never see the failure in their life. The person with time management is said to be more disciplined and focused.

The person who values the time has the proper knowledge that once the time passed, it will never return in anyone’s life. Even to create a healthy and balanced life, time management should be there in everyone’s life.

The Responsibility Of Parents

It is the responsibility of every parent toward their child that they should teach them to make the wise use of the time, first of all, the parent should follow the time management in their life, so the child can follow the same as a parent does.

Wasting Time Destroying Career

Most of the youngsters are seen, passing the time with friends, surfing the internet, playing, riding bikes and many things. This child forgets that the worst thing they are performing by wasting their time. As the present age of an individual cannot come back in the same way, the present time will not come back.

For relaxing and entertaining time will automatically come to us. But at present, if we are students, our times should be fixed for the studies.


Still, it is quite good to understand the value of time as early as possible, proper management of time doesn’t mean to work all day, it means the time table should be made for all the matter example for playing and studying. Importance of time should be recognized by all.

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