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Essay On Importance Of Teacher For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Teachers make children knowledgeable and cultured. The child gets out of the house and enters the school, then goes to the teacher’s asylum. Teachers in school are the parents of children. They teach children to live life. The child is blessed with the teacher and offers them salutations.

About Teacher

Teachers spread the light of knowledge inside the children and remove ignorance like darkness inside them. Children go by the worship of the teacher so that they can dive into the sea of knowledge. If the student is revered within the teacher, the teacher gives him all his knowledge.

The teacher’s responsibility is very big. He can give the right direction to human society. Today’s children have a future tomorrow. If children are educated, they will name the country. If they are cultured, then the country will become decent.

If the teacher puts good rites in the children, then the country will benefit from it. Education spreads all around; no child is uneducated, its load is on the teachers. If a teacher wishes, then a society can be created in which there is no place for the high caste, caste discrimination, jealousy, rivalry, etc.

Kabirdas Says

That is, the (teacher)Guru is a potter and a disciple. Just as the potter makes the pot well enough, in the same way, the teacher also scraps the students’ flaws. The hardness of the master is external, from within he is compassionate and a well-wisher of the student. Therefore, the teacher’s scolding should not be ignored. The teacher wants the student’s good always.

Although the ancient teacher-disciple tradition is still visible, the duties of a teacher remain in its place. To attain education, it still needs to take on such qualities as passion, hard work, renunciation, orderliness, humility. Teachers create students with such qualities. They guide them. They erase the confusion of the students. They communicate such qualities as courage, patience, tolerance, honesty.

Education Is Very Important

Today the board of education has grown. Along with ethical education, subject knowledge and technical education have been incorporated. It is, therefore, necessary that the teacher be fluent in knowledge and technical knowledge.

For this, proper training should be given to the teachers. Such teachers should be appointed who are qualified. Ignorant teachers cannot do good to the students. Who cannot teach themselves to the students, who are not aware of their right and wrong?

Teacher Should Well Qualify

Qualified teachers give proper guidance to the students. They come to school at regular intervals. They spend their energy only in teaching. They take special care of the weak students. They follow the principle of a simple life and high thinking.

They explain the subject so simple and effective that children can put their point in the heart. Studying is an essential quality of teachers. They continue to study so that they can tell students by learning new things. Such qualified teachers get proper respect in society.

Honors From Government

The government honors qualified teachers. Every 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in honor of teachers. On this day there are special ceremonies in schools where children are involved. The President gives medals and awards to qualified teachers. The nation favors teachers who help in removing ignorance.

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