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Education is the most important need which comes after the food, clothes, and shelter. It is equally important for a boy or a girl child.

Priority To The Boy

In India, the boy is given much priority than a girl. It is the narrow thinking of the parents that the girl is only meant for the household chores and to take care of the child. She doesn’t need to be educated. But, this is extremely wrong.

It is the girl who gives birth to men so, it is very much essential to get her educated for the welfare of family and nation.

Uneducated Girl

The girls who are uneducated cannot help her family or husband in the financial matter. The uneducated housewife cannot take up the academic studies of their own child.

The girl or women who are uneducated gain less respect in society.

The Advantage Of Women Education

However, on the other hand, the girl who is educated has lots of advantage. The educated girl dynamically helps and give her contribution to the progress of her own family and the nation.


Educated women are more confident about their future and can give a perfect structure to their life. The women who are educated can easily eradicate the poor financial condition of the family by hardworking.

Less Chance Of Crime Victim

Educated women have fewer chances of getting sexually abused. They even raise their voice if domestic violence happens to them.

Less Corruption

Also, corruption chances get less due to educated women. Educated women maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Passed On The Knowledge

It is indeed said that if the boy is educated the knowledge will remain only with himself, but in the case of the girl child, the result is precisely the opposite. If we teach the girl child, she passes on her knowledge to every family member as well as to the community.


Educated women always seem self-dependent, and also think wisely what will be better for her as well as for the whole family. Educated women are broadly minded.

Aware About Right And Duties

The girl who is educated is quickly aware of her right and duties. If the girl is well educated, there are fewer chances of early marriage, and the population can be controlled indirectly.

Equal Status Of Men And Women

It is indeed said that the women and men are the two side of the same coin, there are some of the differences, but both are essential for the balanced work.

Nowadays, women are seen working with men in every sector. In some of the industry, she has proved herself better than men. Teacher, doctor, Engineer, politician, social worker, agriculture and in many sectors we see Women in a leading position.


In the ancient time too, India had many talented jewels in the form of women, and still, it is leading. Only the parents should recognize this talent and help their girl child to fly in the sky with the right education.

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