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Essay On Ideal Teacher For Class 5 Students In Essay Words – Read Here

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Indeed it is said that the teacher plays the role of the second mother in everyone’s life. No doubt, all other profession is respectful, but if we talk about teaching, it is the more respectful job than any other as all others also need a teacher to reach to the top.

Bond Of Teacher-Student

An ideal teacher has the responsibility, for shaping their student’s life structure. At many times there are many students who are more close to their teacher rather than family members.

An ideal teacher is the one who shows the right path to their student always. An ideal teacher gives the same love and care to the student which they provide to their child.

Make Students Eligible

 An ideal teacher always wants that their student should make the name and fame of themselves along with the family and teacher. A teacher is the one who never leaves alone to their student in any evil situation.

A teacher is the one who helps us to get rid of all unnecessary things. An ideal teacher always stands like a shield around their students.

Teaching Profession

It is not so easy to adopt the teaching profession as a career opportunity. The teacher has various responsibilities. Primarily they have to look for their own family along with every child of their workplace. People give the name of god to their ideal teacher.

It is indeed, the teachers of modern time has changed a lot rather than the ancient era. What makes teaching tough is to tackle all the students differently as every child is different from another. Also one can become a good teacher only when they had mastered the subject.

There are many teachers, but every teacher is not an ideal teacher. Many teachers make misuse of their position just for the sake of money. They exploit their student.

As every coin has a two side, many ideal teachers are worshipped as a god. A child is very fortunate if they get such type of teacher in life. Every successful person has the blessing of their ideal teacher. An ideal teacher becomes the inspiration for their students.

My Ideal Teacher

There were many teachers in my high school days, and no doubt all were very good, but the teacher who is my idol was my math sir, Mr. Chirag Gosar. No one can compare in his teaching as he teaches in such a simple manner that the subject like algebra and geometry seems very easy.

He has a straightforward way of living. He used to dress up formal clothes and a pair of shoe. He was quite healthy.

Mr. Chirag tries to solve every problem related to the syllabus. Don’t know how, but he always get to know what is going in each child personal life and he used to advise the child in the right and wrong decision. Mr. Chirag dreams were that every child should stand with great respect in society. Because of his teaching, many students ranked on a high position.

I am very fortunate to have a teacher like Mr. Chirag. His blessing always worked with me.

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