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Essay On How To Save Environment For Class 4th Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Nature has given us various gifts, they have given water, sunlight, fossil fuels, air, creature, etc. which made our planet beautiful and worth to live on it. Also, it includes living organisms such as human beings, plant, animals, etc.

which provide a sustainable condition for growth and development. An environment is commonly known for its surroundings where all the living things and non-living things reside.

Nowadays the forest become cut down and instead of it there are formation buildings, houses, factories, etc. but the people live in a rural area they get these natural things available.

One thing is very clear that all the living thing are dependent on non-living things. These natural resources are categorized broadly into two types renewable as well as non-renewable resources.

The renewable natural resources are which that can be naturally generated such as water, crops, forest, etc. While non-renewable resources are those which cannot be replenished they are oils and minerals. The main factor for the rapid depletion of all forms of natural resources, consumerism, growth of population.

How Can We Protect And Save The Environment 

Because of abundant resources, they are overly used by us and also get consumed. Due to this, it is very important to conserve natural resources. Following are the ways by which we can conserve the natural resources.

Water Resources

Such as drinking water, cooking, washing, etc. are the daily chores which are done by the people which is got from the aquatic ecosystem. For the living organism, they not only maintain the level of carbon dioxide and keep the climatic condition.

Food Resources

During the period of the green revolution, the various techniques are there which help to reduce the starvation. Due to this sustainable production of food is needed.

Resources Of Mineral And Energy

Including oil, coal, and fossil fuels by which the energy is extracted from several minerals. Such as renewable resources like sunlight, tidal energy, and also the wind in order to prevent the airborne diseases caused by extraction and consumption.

Forest Resources

For preventing soil erosion forest plays a very important role and also it helps to reduce/ decrease the effect of drought because they prevent the running off from the ground of rainwater.

 Why We Should Need To Save Environment 

We should need to save the environment because we all are living in it. Due to the rise in population level to meet the present day. We are really in a need of natural resources but we are not worried about it for the future generations.

Several Ways For SavingAn Environment  


It is a process that we all are aware of it, it is the simple and easy thing to do, but we all don’t do it.

Save Water

Now there is a very big problem of shortage of water, but we all people wasting it more frequently instead of using it properly.

Save Electricity

We have to save the electric energy by making your light, T.V, and other appliances turn off.

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