Essay On How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution For Students & Children

How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Today pollution has become a worldwide problem. We can today get the relief from the noise pollution, water pollution but the air pollution is the danger from all because of which many of the people are suffering from various health problems.

Death also occurs due to the air pollution the dangerous diseases like asthma, infection of the skin, nose, respiratory system are caused due to air pollution.

This air pollution is created due to the vehicles, industry and there is the big problem of the deforestation was the tree is cut by the selfish humans. This is how the air gets polluted.

If we go out, then there is, of course, the problem is a raised but now we are not safe at our home also due to the pollution at our home also is generated when the outside air come inside.

Reduction Of The Indoor Air Pollution

There is some of the measure taken to make the healthier atmosphere in the home are as follows:

The Window Should Be Open

There should be the proper incoming and outgoing of the air at our home; windows should be open at the proper time when there is less running of the vehicles on the road

Ban Smoking

If we are at home or outside to the cigarette smoking should not be done, yes it should be ban because who is consuming it has not much problem but who are non-smokers are caused to the death due to the cigarette air spread in the air which is inhale by the other people 3000 people die because of lung cancer.

Give The Pet Baths

If you have any of the pets so we should take care that, bathing is the must to the pets every 2 days, this will help us to be free from the allergies, and the infection occurs due to the animal’s hair since it is also the danger to the human health which can be affected badly.

So it should always be out of the bedrooms.

Use Of The Exhaust Fans

To remove the hot air from the kitchens and the bathroom than fit the exhaust fan which makes the air to come in and go out of the room which generates the hot air. Since the air is filtered.

Don’t Cover Up The Odor

There are many of the products in the market which reduce the odor in the house like room fresheners, scented candles which remove out the bad air from the house.

This also helps the asthma people due to changes in the air smell.

Since there are various side effects of indoor pollution, most problems are seen to the old age people and also to the children they suffer more.

Due to the pollutants in the indoor can create the problem such as cancer, asbestosis and many of the problems due to the air consist or generate in the home.

And keep the animals aside because this can also cause a serious health problem that we can’t imagine also. So be aware of the things which may harm us.

Updated: December 27, 2018 — 11:45 am

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