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Today the world has been facing lots of the problem due to the pollution across the globe, due to which there is a significant loss of human life and the ecosystem of our country.

Pollution has been made by people only and due to which nature is also suffering a lot.

Various types of pollution harm nature and living such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution.

There should be a proper measure taken for the control of the pollution in the country, and this will be possible when all the people will think of nature.

Pollution And Measures

Air Pollution

The emission of the gases and the carbon monoxide made the region to suffer in the lot, due to this there is some time many of the loses of the life due to the emission of the harmful gases. The big industries and the factory do this.

Some of the measures taken for the control of air pollution

There should be less use of the car, bike, and another vehicle whenever there is the possibility because the less emission of the chemical gas will control the balance of air pollution.

We should always think of the conservation of the energy at our home or in the working place.

We should avoid the burning of the leaves, tires and the other materials.

There should be the proper measures taken by the industrialization because this can help in the reduction of air pollution.

Water Pollution

In the oceans or the lakes and the river, the industries pipes are connected for the disposal of the wastewater in the pure water river. This not only pollute the river but the water lives are in danger. This result in water pollution.

Some of the measures taken for the control of water pollution

The wastewater cleaning refers to the cleaning of the water which has been a pollutant, with the help of the chemical and the biological methods.

There should be strict action taken for the use of plastic because 80% of the plastic has formed the land sources under the water. This makes the water contaminates.

 Soil Pollution

Mainly the soil pollution has been occurred due to the excess use of the fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides and many other chemicals which has been used for the planting trees and the crops.  This is the leading causes of soil pollution.

Some of the measures taken for the control of the soil pollution

Bioremediation (microbes) and phytoremediation (plants) can be used to convert the pollutants into harmless products. There should be the cleaning of the soil, so this can control soil pollution.

Forest should be appropriately managed if there are several trees in the forest than soil does not get eroded. Therefore there should be sustainable forest management.

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