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How Did British Come To Rule In India

 New trade zones:

The East India Company of the English was founded in 1600. It was then known as the company of merchants of London trading with the East Indies.

They started trading in India and then they establish one of the places to keep there all the things it was in Masulipatnam on the Eastern coast of India in1611.

The East Indian Company got the permissions to establish a factory in Surat in 1612 by the Mughal emperor Jahangir.

Then after about eighteen years, in 1640, the company received permission from the Vijayanagara ruler, in south India, there was the place where they used to come it was the madras, in the purpose of the trade the Company started slowly entering the country.

Then after the surat was leased the East India Company moved towards the leased of the Bombay Island in the year 1668. Then after they moved towards north India, where they captured the Ganga River where the factory was set up in Calcutta.


Changes in the Thinking of Company

During the region of the Jahangir, it was a stronger nation. The British were happy seeing this and they were only the traders and nothing more. Nadir Shah of Iran came to India in 1738.

The Mughal rulers were extremely defeated and that sign to the world that India was a very weak country from all another country so they think of capturing India. The East India Company immediately saw the weakness and then they think to trade in it.

The Company started setting up the army, building the army train and in the name of their protection from other, they maintain the large ammunition for the war and also the cargo and the ship. British troops were very well organized and used advanced techniques and the skills on the war field.

Complete takeover

Clive arrived at Fort St. George in June 1744 where he worked as an assistant shopkeeper, tallying books and arguing with suppliers of the East India Company. During the 1748 siege of Pondicherry distinguished himself in successfully a trench against a French sortie.

The officer who came here to trade was successively won many of the battles to make the route for their trade the warlike Carnatic war and also won the battle of Plassey in1757 and another battle victory that is battle of Buxar. This made the Company more Powerful.

Now they were in the position to force Emperor Shah Alam to appoint it as the diwan, or the revenue collector of Bengal, Bihar, and Orrisa.

With all these techniques the company made the way to came in the rule for most of the important areas of the lower Ganga plain and middle Ganga plain in 1773a. This made them control over the fertile region in India.

The Anglo-Mysore wars took place in a1766 to1799 and the Anglo-Maratha wars from 1772 to1818 introduce the occupation of south India and that near the fertile planes of Sutlej River.

Unfortunately, the Marathas lost their battle with the Company.

The company there was no one to stop the wrath and havoc of the British trader invaders. This was evidently the beginning of the rule of the British over the Indian subcontinent.

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