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Essay on Home Sweet Home For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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Every person loves to be in his own house he never wants to be live in any kind of rented house. Because you cannot do anything which he or she wants to be and also cannot change the color of the house, we cannot even put something on the walls because it is not their own house.

Designing the House

As be at our house we can design it with our own needs and style, we can put anything on the walls, we can change any color of our house and no one is going to stop us while doing it.

People will not come and tell you that you do not have the right to do this or that you can come late at your house or you can go early in the morning no one is going to ask you about it.

Rules and Regulations

In your own house where you live with your family, there are no rules like you can come or go, whenever you want you don’t have a specific timing that you need to enter in this duration or you can leave after this duration only this is the benefit of your home.

Place of House

In the end when you plan to buy your own house what are the requirements you look at in your house. Well, it is very simple you need to figure out a few important points before purchasing any house.

first we need to see that the place is near to market so that whenever we need anything we can visit the market as fast as we can, a cinema hall to watch the latest movies, hospital if in case any emergency arises and the place should be near to your office so that you can save more time on traveling and give them time to your friends and family members.

Family in House

After purchasing the house the most important thing we need is a family. A family where your mom and dad can live with you and if you’re married even your wife. With all these family members the house becomes a home that is the reason we called it home sweet home because we always love to be in our own home.

Home With Friends

Well before purchasing a house every man has to stay in a rented house for some duration and mostly when we stay with some people in the same apartment we get to become good friends and we have fun with them. We express our feelings to each other and we even make sure that we are sharing the rent which makes a load of rent even less.

Staying with friends is a fun thing we share everything like light bill, home rent, and we split the bill between two which makes it easier to survive in the starting days. Well, there is the option of staying in a hostel but as I said the problems which we face in hostel life are that we have to follow some rules and regulations.

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