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We help each other because of different reasons. People help because they just cannot help other people if they need help and people help others because they wish to give some positive energy or just because they must help.

When we help, we also get real benefits to our health. Honestly, when I help somebody, I fell, today I have done something better.

If you wish to help other people, just listen to their problems, but do not judge them. It is the easiest thing that can be done. When you allow them to speak about problems, to discuss it, you give them the great opportunity to check the situation from the other side and to find the best solution to it. Sometimes, they need help to start the new life from the very beginning.

Do something unusual when you can change the life of other people, you get an amazing feeling. You can do it, for example, if you become a mentor for young people. You will help them to avoid the mistakes you had and will teach them how to overcome some difficulties.

Also, if you decided to help someone, you cannot stop on the half of the way. You need to be sure that changes appeared and your words were not empty. People will be grateful to you for your help and will appreciate your efforts and the time you spent. you should not wait that all people will be thankful to you for your help.

You should understand, that the help is not something like goods, which is possible to sell with benefits. We help each other just because we want to do in this way. Do you give the person the bill, because you explained how to go to the library, for example? Or should we stop giving some free advice and free help?

It seems, that no one needs such kind of help, because it will not improve our life. But some kinds of help need to have some benefits. For example, we cannot work for free, because we need to earn money.

Researchers say that it is possible to get a lot of friends if you help other people. This fact is very important for our health. The loneliness has a negative influence on our blood pressure and the risk of the heart attacks will be increased. People, who know, that there are their friends that can help them, live longer than people who do not have friends or family.

We increase our mood when we help other people. The researches have shown, that it is needed to help people 5 times a week to improve your mood. But if you help only 1 time, it does not have any influence.

You need to help people systematically and the researchers showed, that people, which help, do not suffer from depressions or decrease in motivation.

Before helping to people, you need to be ready to do it. It is clear, that there can be different kinds of help, everything depends on our possibilities. But people should be ready for this help.

All of us can help other people and all can be part of the mechanism, which can change our life and make it better. In any case, if you help other people, you become happier than you were before and you can be sure, that people will help you too.

I don’t know people will do it or not or they might think it is nonsense. But I know, it is a pleasant feeling, which we feel if helped somebody. Something happens, we get a feeling of satisfaction and happiness and we experience a surge of energy and purposefulness.

I know that there are enough reasons to try and help someone when we have such an opportunity. Do what you can, with what you have. Show your kindness in helping people and change the world.

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