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According to the world health organization, when a person is physically, mentally and socially well than only we can say that the person is healthy, the absence of one or two states the person unhealthy.

Health Data

Health care industries are growing rapidly day by day. According to the survey made in 2000, it was shown that about 20 percent of the national gross income spend on medicines. As compared with other countries,  India faces a health issue of about  80%.

Naming Convention

Medicines have become important subpart of life system. Medicine is a word derived from Latin word medicine means the art of healing. Medically a sick person is treated by drugs, surgeries, exercises.

Improvement In Health Care

The real medicinal technology advanced around the 20th century. As our science has developed a lot, we get different types of medicines such as Ayurvedic, Allopathy,  etc. Ayurvedic medicine includes the use of herbs,  botanical plants. As many people think that ayurvedic medicine comes directly from the plant without mixing any harmful ingredient, so nowadays many people rely on ayurvedic medicine.

Herbal/ Ayurveda

Herbal medicine treats normal coughs, colds, toothaches, premenstrual syndrome, fatigue, etc. Due to the serious research of scientist and doctors, we have the latest equipment, machine to cure even very serious diseases.

Hazardous Intake

People should not do smoking, consumption of alcohol, etc. as these are very dangerous products for our life. Sometimes it causes serious illness or may cause death. Many people consume the wrong medicine without consulting to the doctor, and these show a serious effect on their health. If one is feeling that their condition is worsening after consumption of the medicine than they should immediately consult with doctors.

Lack Of Money

Sometimes our social background makes us ill these means our society also play a major role in our health. A wealthier person lives longer than poor people.  In India, many poor people die due to chronic diseases but also due to normal fever. Those people who don’t have enough money for their treatment suffers a lot. Poverty has a direct relation to health.

Remote Places

Sometimes many people suffer, or their condition worsens because of the low medical facility in their areas. The government should work on these projects to setup proper medical facilities especially in rural areas.

Health Insurance

Nowadays many companies provide Health Insurance on a low budget; one can go with the Health Insurance policy. The insurance provider may b a private company or a government organization. In India, only about  40% of people have their medical Insurance.

Lack Of Information

Some people suffer from diseases due to their lack of knowledge. Many people don’t have the proper knowledge, and they worsen their condition by themselves. Someone has truly said that half knowledge is dangerous.


As someone has truly said that Health is Wealth, one can take care of their health by themselves by adopting a healthy lifestyle, having a  homemade balanced diet, by doing regular exercise, yoga. To some level medicine are ok, but a human being should not completely depend on medicine.

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