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Good health is very much essential for the development of a human being. However, to maintain good health and fitness, it required per daily exercise and a balanced diet.

To maintain good health and to stay fit is very much necessary for a person.

Maintenance Of Good Health

One can do the following thing, to stay fit and have good health;

Physical Exercise

One should regularly do the exercise for complete fitness. If we are takin out 30 min to 60 min, for our exercise, it can result in us in long living. Initially, exercise will give us the feeling of tiredness, but once if we are used of it, nothing will cause a problem


If one doesn’t have the time of exercise at all then they should follow the habit of walking, One has to do walk at least 30 min in the morning, and same has to follow in the evening.

Healthy Food 

One has to take healthy food, to stay healthy and fit. There are many people who even after eating the junk food seem healthy, but a huge excuse to all those, because maybe these people have high immunity but once the immunity to fight against germs will get a decrease, it even can take the life.

It is better to intake the good food, the green leafy vegetable has vegetables have the highest minerals and vitamins. One should include a proper amount of food and dairy product in the diet. In short, to stay fit and healthy one has to take a good and healthy balanced diet.

Adequate Sleep

Not only exercise and food but also the proper rest of a body is necessary. One has to take proper sleep to stay fit. Improper sleep cause, nausea, dizziness, stress, irritation, a mental disorder. Etc.

At least an adult should take Eight hours sleep in total out of twenty-“four” hours. Good sleep also keeps us “away” from cardiovascular diseases.

Less Stress

One should not take extra stress or any kind of burden on them. It is the main cause of every disease. To stay healthy and fit the basic thing a person has to follow is to stay away from the stress. It misleads life completely

Importance Of Health And Fitness

To live life to the fuller extent is only possible by staying fit and healthy. There are fewer chances of blood pressure and diabetes to a healthy person.

The confidence of a healthy person is somewhat like a jewel. The personality of a fit people is unique compared to others.

The person who is fit and healthy inspires others to follow the same. This kind of people not only make themselves fit but also to their relatives and friends.


One should have a routine of doing physical activity, a balanced diet, and a stressfree life to stay fit and healthy. No, doubt in this, a healthy man lives longer compared to the unfit one.

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