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Essay On Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phone For Students – Rad Here

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In this developing country there is also the development of technology, this technology has become part of the people. Some of the technology which is useful they are the electronic machine use for the cooking and the household purpose. But the mobile phone is that technology without which people can’t do anything.

The mobile phone is becoming a part of life, this pocket-sized tool is been used by every people which is also a type of minicomputer. With the help of the mobile phone, we can surf the internet, we all know that the phone has the side of benefit and it is also harmful at the same time.

 Harmful Effect Of Phone

Now the small children are growing in the radio-frequency environment, mobiles are been used more by the children for the purpose of the studies playing the games and surfing on the internet. But they don’t know that same time it is very much dangerous for health. Some of the effects are:

Health Effect

According to the study and the research, it has been concluded that the mobile phone can affect some part of the body, and mainly the brain is been affected. Some of the diseases caused due to access use of the mobile phone.

Non-Malignant Tumors

According to the doctors mainly the use of the phone and keeping the phone near the head while sleeping will cause to the tumors in the brain and in the ear also. So using the mobile phone will cause a great loss in the life of the children.


As the radiation of the mobile phone affect the children brain more than the grownups people, this radiation affects 2 times more in the children brain. So their developing nervous system makes them more vulnerable to this ‘carcinogen’. So the parents should take care of their students and stop them by using the phone.

Effects On Brain

Due to the access use of the mobile phone, there is a direct effect on the brain of the children which can cause severe problem to the small children. Some kids will have mental problem due to the use of the phone, kids learning power will decline day by day there will be some of the behavioral problem and many more.


Due to this mobile phone technology the students are only involved in chatting with friends playing the games. This distraction by the students will cause harm to the children in their studies, they miss all the topics which are been taught. Here will cause the problem in the studies or full academics.

Malpractice During Exam

In the exam times, if it is internal or the external exam, some of the students cheat by bringing the photocopy in the mobile. Then after using the calculator on the mobile phone during the exam, surfing and then taking the information from the net.

This is some of the malpractice done by the students in the exam using the mobile phone.

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