Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

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Usually, everyone brings their grocery or vegetables from the shops in a plastic bag which are made up of thin flexible plastic material.

Integral Part

It has become an integral part of human life. We easily find the plastic bag at the house, hospitals, markets and everywhere. But, it is not good to use it has a hugely adverse effect n the environment and on the life of the living organism.


Plastic is a material which cannot be decomposed in any way. Means if we put a plastic bag in mud and if we will see it after a hundred year, we will be finding it as it was earlier.

Various Adverse Effect

In short, we can say that plastic is a nonbiodegradable material which proved as a great threat to the environment. Also, it has an adverse effect on marine life, living organism and also degrades natural resources.

According to the survey it was found out that nearly 1 trillion plastic bags are used by the world per year, so it is easy to conclude the drastic effect of the same.

Threating The Environment

Plastic is the nondisposable, nonbiodegradable, nonbreakable material It means it cannot be broken down into simple substance.

The plastic bag which is dumbed by the houses and hospitals find their ill way to the environment and pollute the surrounding. The plastic we-we throe gets mixed with the soil and cause harm to the smaller creature.

Change In The Climate

The plastic bag is obtained by the overconsumption of oil by the manufacturing industries and factories. As a result of the production of this harmful material, we degrade oil which is reserved.

As the human being dumbed the plastic bag in the high amount it, there is the release of CO2 gas and also the other greenhouse gas, due to which the climatic conditions vary.

Depleting Natural Resources

As the plastic is nonbiodegradable material but it is broken down in the smaller pieces and get mixed with the soil or washed away with the water bodies.

Due to the accumulation of plastic in the watery area such as a river, pond, lakes, the sea the marine creature affect a lot, as the accumulation of plastic decrease the level of oxygen which is very much essential for the survival of the living things.

According to the survey, it was concluded that every year nearby twenty thousand species of fish, many of the turtle and other creature like a dolphin, etc died due to the decreased level of oxygen or by the plastic choked in their mouth.

Health Hazards

The disease like cholera, diarrhea, malaria has somewhere the mode to spread with the accumulation of plastic bag as people packed the waste material in them and threw it anywhere. The mosquito lay their egg in those, by spreading diseases.


In spite of having so many adverse effects of plastic, the human being is using it rapidly. One should immediately stop the use of plastic.

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