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Indeed it is said, the work is worship. Everybody admires the successful person, their success but no one can conclude the hard work, a dedication which the individual paid to earn that success.

Students Point

Every student wants high grade and marks in their exam, but no one wants to study. Is it possible to earn those without the ard work? The answer is no.

One can not get the fruits if he hadn’t sown the seed. Similarly, success or achieving a good percentage will only get those who have studied the syllabus with true dedication.

The child who scored 90% in the exam, must have possessed the strong target of achieving the same. The student must have forgotten about the playing, passing the time, internet surfing, they must have put their overall concentration in the studies.

Job Oriented People

The working people have much stress such as, ow to run home smoothly as well as how to achieve a high position at the workplace. The adult is generally hardworking, caring for their children and family gives the strength to these people to do ard work.

But, there is some individual who always thinks, how can success comes to their neighbor and not to them but they forget to think that the neighbor has put is all dedication to achieve that success which he himself failed to do. It is quite simple to understand that it the only and only hard works which can lead the individual towards success.

Freedom Fighter

The freedom which we are enjoying today is the result of the hard work and dedication of that leader who sacrifices their lives for the mother nation.

Those great leaders were used to be every time restless for freedom. To achieve this success they didn’t spend quality time with their family and friends.

God Help Those Who Do Hard Work

Have we ever thought, that why God has given the ability to speak to a human being? The answer is because the Human is born to perform hard work and to gain prosperity from it.

The great thought tells us again and again that God will help those who will help themselves means, if u will do hard work, towards your goal success will automatically come towards you.

The person who is sitting at the top position, ever we have wondered how come he reached to the position, how come he became the boss. Earlier, even he would be the employee of some company, through his true dedication and hard work, he learned the work and became the boss.

Modern Technology

Today, the technology has made much advancement which has made the human being lazy in some of the aspects. For example, going to college has been changed into an online mode of studies. Preparing a meal for the family as turned into the ordering of food from hotels.


No matter how much technology should be advanced, every individual should do hard work to achieve their long term or short term goal. Don’t forget, the technology has also been advanced only because of someone hard work and dedication.

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