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If we look at our surroundings what can be fine. We can find buildings roads and very few trees and is this a good symbol of the environment.  Well now, this is actually not a good symbol for the environment.

Importance of Tree

Well, the tree is a wonderful entity present on the earth. Without the trees, the human being cannot even survive for a single minute. The human means should understand the importance of trees in their Life before it is too late.

We as human beings are busy with the rest of the stuff to make our life more comfortable. But between all the stuff we are forgetting about the important aspect of life which is the tree. The tree which gives us oxygen is the most important aspect of the human body.

Plant More Trees

There are only a few people who know the importance of tree rest of them are busy with their daily routine of life. Well, they should understand the importance of trees and how they can help in this initiative.

There are people who are trying to increase the number of trees in nature because they have knowledge of it. Well, they are doing a very good job but at the same time, they should all so increase the awareness of planting more and more trees.

It is a very important thing for each one of us to do. And still, if we are giving excuses for not planting more trees we should look for the future in which our kids will have to suffer for the oxygen. Because today we as a youth are least bother about the trees.

Cutting The Trees

Today people are building so many big buildings in the place of the forest we should understand that if the forest and the trees are being cut down. Do we as human beings are going to survive without them well it is impossible to survive without the trees.

Trees are the most important thing in nature because they are giving us the oxygen on which the human being is surviving. So never underestimate the power of a tree and should always increase the growth of trees.

As a responsible citizen of India, we know that India’s population is the second all over the world. So we can imagine what amount of oxygen is required to fulfill the whole country is need.

The Increasing Number of Trees

If we increase the number of trees in our nature we would be giving this gift to the upcoming generation. Right now if we check the pollution is at the highest of all the time and this is just because of us.

We as human beings are not taking the proper initiatives to the future. We should plant more and more trees in nature so that the pollution could be reduced by it. And we should also teach this thing to the kids because they are the upcoming youth of the nation.

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Updated: January 15, 2020 — 6:10 am

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