Essay On Ground Water Depletion For Students & Children

What Is The Groundwater Depletion?

Groundwater is something that we need all over the world. Humans and animals need water in order to survive as our body could not function without it.

Groundwater depletion is a serious problem for the environment. Has water is needed in all the face of the life for growing crops, powering equipment, and to keep us comfortable. Consequently, water from the ground is especially valuable.  Societies require much more clean water than we are afforded from precipitation and surface water, which is why groundwater is used so frequently.

How The Groundwater Forms?

Nature goes under many of the processes to make the purification of the water which is observed by the ground. The surface water that we can see is heated by the Sun and goes into the atmosphere as evaporation.

The water vapor then creates precipitation, water that falls from the sky as rain and snow. Once water falls from sky onto the ground, it is absorbed into the Earth and is then stored as groundwater in aquifers.

Causes Of The Groundwater Depletion

  1. As a growing world with a population that continues to rise, the more we pump water from the ground at a rapid rate, the more difficult it is for the groundwater to provide us with the amount of water that we need. This occurs because of the frequent pumping of water from the ground.
  2. People continuously require water from the ground by the means of the borewell and the well and it takes the time to purifies water. Water flows freely through the saturated rocks known as aquifers. There are large and small aquifers, and they are the underground water reserves that absorb water and hold it, enabling us to pump it for use. Earth freshwater supply and is responsible for providing up to 40% of freshwater in the world.
  3. Mostly the groundwater is used for the agriculture purpose and if we think of the groundwater then it is scared that there isn’t the much water left. Billions of the lifestyle are only based on the groundwater which is left. Without it is not possible to provide drinking water and water for the crops and the animals that would help in the problems during the drought.
  4. Groundwater depletion can also occur naturally. The problems we would face with the freshwater shortage is sure to cause problems in every aspect of our lives. The activities that lead to groundwater depletion come mostly from humans, but a portion of it also comes from changes in our climate and can speed up the process.

Effects Of Groundwater Depletion

  1. The more we extract the ground we will be able to get more water from the ground but we will have to use even more resources to develop many of the methods for the uses of the water and the saving of the water.
  2. Large bodies of water will become shallow from the groundwater depletion. A groundwater shortage keeps additional water from into lakes, river, and seas. This means that over time, less water enters as the existing surface water continues to evaporate.
  3. Saltwater contamination occurs due to the more use of the groundwater pumpWe may pump groundwater instead of sourcing it from lakes and rivers, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t connected to larger bodies of water. Groundwater that is deep within the ground often interrelated with saltwater that cannot be drunk by the common people. When freshwater mixes with saltwater, it is called saltwater contamination.

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