Essay On Greenhouse Effects For Students & Children In Simple English


The greenhouse is seen in the past about 1800 as there was the scientist who first used this term greenhouse effect and it was used to describe naturally occurring functions of gases in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is the concerned for the climate change as it is a rise in the temperature of the earth that experience because certain gases in the atmosphere trap energy from the sun and these gases include water vapor carbon dioxide nitrous oxide and methane oxide gases.

These greenhouse gases are good if they are in right quantity as they form a layer around the earth which acts like a blanket when the sun’s rays are coming on the earth some of these rays are absorbed by the earth and most of this area reflected back into the atmosphere when the rays hit the upper atmosphere the greenhouse gases traps most of the heat from the rays and some of them passed through and went back into space and the rays which are caused by the greenhouse gases spread through the atmosphere in every direction around the earth this course keeps our earth nice and warm is the sun’s rays and heat is not tracked by the greenhouse gases than earth would not be kept warm in fact it would cause our earth to be much cooler on average negative 18 degrees Celsius.

The Greenhouse Effect

So some of the greenhouse gases are very much useful for the earth atmosphere as they keep our earth warmer and because of this human plants and animals would be able to survive.

The process of trapping the heat from the sun is called the process of greenhouse effect but the humans are taking this greenhouse effect in a negative way as the humans are producing these greenhouse effects more and more and so because of this it is being creating problem as these greenhouse gases should be used in a right quantity but our human nature is using it in wrong way as there are many factories and industries and also many things that require energy to be get powered and the smoke that is being generated has a lot of energy of Methane carbon dioxide which is drastically increasing the number of greenhouse gases.

There is also increasing in these effects as the human cut down the trees as the trees take the carbon dioxide and give us oxygen which reduces the effects of greenhouse gases and keep a balance in the atmosphere.

Measures to control the greenhouse effect

As this greenhouse effect is increasing in the atmosphere there are many problems of global warming that has been increasing, and because of the increase in the greenhouse gases the Ozone Layer that is present in the atmosphere is depleting, and because of this the more and more greenhouse gases are observed by the atmosphere and because of this there is creating a major problem for the environment.

As to stop this greenhouse gases it is only in the hands of the people as they should not cut trees and trees is a main thing in the environment which would stop this effects of greenhouse gases in the environment. We should protect our environment and not let this harmful gases destroy our atmosphere.

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