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An old person is needed by the family, they are the center of attraction and behave similarly like kids. Along with the cute behavior they also sow the seed of moral value and love in the life of their grandchildren.

The grandparents are much close to their grandchildren. They laugh, play and share their feeling with each other.

Simple Living              

The primary thing which makes the grandparent different from other member is their simplicity. They don’t care about their look, but they are always concern about the look of another member. They wish always for the children prosperity and well being.

The grandmother is the one, who teaches all the qualities which she has in her to our mother, so as she will be liked by everyone.

My Grandmother

My grandmother has crossed the age of 60, but always seem energetic. She is liked by everyone due to her calm native and always having a positive attitude.


Healthwise my grandmother is a healthy individual, only the thing she is suffering from the hearing problem. Else, her teeth are good exactly opposite what we use to see in the old Indian movies.  My grandmother eyesight is also very good. Only she has bent a bit due to her long height, and she needs the support of stick while walking.


As we have lost our grandfather earlier, my grandmother wears cotton saree of light color. She has worn a golden flower shape earing in his ear and has a pair of gold bangles in the hands.

Yes, she loves to be neat and tidy, early in the morning she takes a bath, wears clean clothes and ties hair.


My grandmother has a very calm nature, she never gets angry on anyone, sometimes if any dishes made by my mother goes a bit wrong then my grandmother teaches her in a very simple way and calmly.

As my grandmother is vegetarian and the other family is nonvegetarian, but she never forced others for not eating the same.

She believes in god and with a pure heart, she performs her pooja and chants some mantras. After performing her pooja, she comes in the kitchen to help a mother in cooking.

My grandmother doesn’t like to sit ideal, this the reason in summer she makes pickles, papads if the winter season is near she starts making a sweater for grandchildren.

Good Judgement

My grandmother always passes the good and equal justice for all. Many time she suggests father for his clients.

If any fight arose between me and my brother my grandmother come there immediately and teache us the value of our relationship, she is good a strong decision market. Even my parents ask for some suggestion with her when they get stuck in some of the other situations.


Grandparents are the inspiration and role model for everyone. My grandmother is very sweet and lovely. She is like a flower, as because of her, a fresh smell always blow in our house. I love y grandmother very much.

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