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Good manners are the key to the success of every human being. Society respects the person who is well mannered a polite in words. The roots of the good habit should be seeded in the child since their childhood. The seed of an excellent manner can be sown by the parents of the child and teacher.

To win any heart, one has to be well mannered. Good manners make a unique personality from others.

What Is A Good Manner

Many people have an arrogant personality just due to the money which they have, or many girls have the attitude of beauty. This type of reaction does not make their character high, make it lowers down their image.

A well-mannered person will always have courtesy and respect for others. These type of people never differentiate others in terms of caste, economic status, gender, etc.

One should always practice good manners in their life, to glow their life like the sun. The quality of life gets an increase due to good manners. Here are given some of the good ways which surely one has to follow in their life to achieve success.

To Express Gratitude

One should have the habit of expressing gratitude, when received something, or kind of help from others. We must say Thank you for expressing our feeling.

To Request

We must say the word please, to make any request to others. As it is others, wish to confirm the application, but we should always be kind in saying.

Supportive Nature

As we are a social animal and has to stay in society, we should always be ready for the help of others. If we will help anyone than only they will stand in our needy time.

Accepting Mistake

One should never hesitate to admit their mistake. We can save a relationship by saying this word.


No matter, we are in or out of the house, one should always stay in control. It shows the personality of a person as well as the teaching of elders.

To Listen To Others   

There are many people, who have the habit of keeping only their words these type of people never look to the matter of others. This is entirely wrong; one should even listen to others; sometimes it is beneficial for themselves.

Never Interrupt

One should never interrupt the other in between when they are something. In the same way when two people are discussing the matter, one should not interrupt.

Shows Respect

A person should always show respect to the elder as well as to the younger one. Showing respect reflects the personality of a person.

When Seeking Attention 

            Whenever one wants to explore the attention of others, the word Excuse Me should be used. It shows the manner of a person.


When a person needs the belonging of others for some purpose, they ask permission from the owner of the belong.


To achieve success in life, good manners play a vital role. Proper behavior attracts other people like a magnet.

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