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India is a rich place with many of the religion followed by the people then after many culture and tradition are been seen in this country, there are many pilgrimage center which is very much famous in India. Golden temple is the pilgrim center of the Sikh people, but every religion people come to see the beauty of this pilgrim center.

Place /Year When Was Built

Golden temple is been located at Amritsar which is the city of Punjab, this place implies the beauty and, the peace of nature and hence it is located between the lake and the forest, hence it has become the tourist attraction.

It is said that Lord Buddha used to come here to enjoy the peace of the lake, then after in the year of 1469-1539 another saint known as Guru Nanak used to meditate in this place and he was the founder of the Sikh religion.

The lake was enlarged and they made the changes contained during the leadership of the fourth Sikh Guru (Ram Dass, 1574-1581), and during the leadership of the fifth Guru (Arjan, 1581-1606), the Hari Mandir, or Temple of God was built by him.

During the sixth guru, there was a problem created by the Muslim people to the Hari Mandir. They destroyed it very badly. In the year 1767, the Sikh army became strong and then after the temple was built more beautifully from the first on.

Structure Of Temple

When the temple was built newly it was created very beautifully the architecture of the temple was planned very creatively. There are four doors in this pilgrim which identify us to think about there is no religion issues, there are four doors because there is main four religion in India.

The structure of the building is of two types that are Hindus and Muslim architecture. During the reign of the Raja Ranjit Rai the temple was studded with the ornaments, marbles and richly stones and many types of the gold where been used. Around the temple, there are many other temples which makes it look more attractive and beautiful.

There are many of the writings of the poem, prayers in some of the wall of the temple, it feels like heaven in the earth.


The golden temple has become the tourist place for our country, many of the foreign and also the Indian people visit the temple, the beauty of the temple attracts the people worldwide. Due to tourism, our country earns money and this helps our national economy. Due to the tourist factor, our culture and tradition will flow all over the world.

Ways To Reach The Pilgrim/Place To Stay

There are many ways to reach the golden temple, as it is been selected for the tourist place the mode we can use to reach there are roadways, railways, airways, etc.  So we can use any of the modes to reach the pilgrim. There are many lodges for the people who visit here for two or more days. And there is no partiality among the race, gender, religion all are been feed for free.

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