Essay On Global Warming For Students & Children In Simple English

Global warming is said as the big environmental problem that we are facing in today’s world and as the greatest challenge that we need to get it solved permanently.

Global warming is the continues thing and these process cause increase in the temperature of the earth surface and it is unstoppable this global warming process is continuing and because of this, it gets affected on the natural balance and the biodiversity and also the climatic condition of our earth.

This problem of global warming should be discussed by all the countries and it should be stopped worldwide as it can create major effects for the world.

Reasons for Global Warming.

There are many reasons that can cause global warming as it takes place because of the greenhouse gases like CO2,methane is said as the main reason for increasing the global warming of earth and it creates directly impact on the rising of the sea level, melting of the ice, unexpected change in the climate which represents life threats on the earth.

Many research has been founded that the earth temperature has increased to a great level and due to this there is an increase in the atmospheric greenhouse gas globally and because of this, it has become harmful for the humans to live.

There is a continuous increase in the CO2level create major impact on the life of the human as it leads to sudden storms and many disasters and this increasing emission of CO2 in the atmosphere can be said because of the nonstop burning of fossil fuels uses of fertilizers cutting forest and extra use of electricity and because of all this there is a major problem that has been going on global warming and this is  increasing continuously.

The increasing level of CO2 causes the greenhouse effect on the earth and the greenhouse gasses absorbs all the thermal radiation which in turn spreads to all direction and come back toward earth’s surface causing increase the temperature of earth surface and leads to global warming.

Increasing of Global Warming

This problem of global warming has been increasingly reported from the past and many measures have been noted in the year 1983 to 1991 as the warmest 6 years in the past centuries and there are global warming set comes unexpectedly and causes many natural disaster and  imbalance of the nature and it all syndicate to the end of the life existence on this planet.

When there is global warming there are also many problems increases such as the evaporation of the water from the earth into the atmosphere as more and more water is been evaporated from the earth and because of this there would remain only some amount of water and our natural resources are going to end day by day.

The main problem also leads to global warming is the deforestation also can we said as the technological advancement, population explosion and mostly the priority towards urbanization.

Through deforestation and the use of the technical things we are making a hole in the ozone layer and because of this the UV rays of the sun directly come on earth and it increasing the global warming.

To stop global warming we should stop this all things and mostly stop the deforestation and also control the population growth and by all this, we will easily stop global warming.

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