Essay On Global Warming Solution For Students & Children

Global Warming Solution

Today global warming as becoming the most serious issues, due to the pollution and the emission did by the industries and the factories should reduce this will decrease the level of global warming.

There are some of the measures to reduce global warming:

Reduce emissions

Many of the industry emits the poisonous substances which are very harmful and it get to mix with the air and this cause the harmful effects, So make any of the new technology which will help to reduce the emissions of the gas from the industry and from the vehicles also the carbon monoxide is also emitted, so the use of the vehicles should be stopped rather than that use the public transport hence the emission will be less.

Stop deforestation


All the tropical forest are been destroyed by the people for their own use rather than they do not plant any other plants in that place, so if the tropical forest cutting is been reduced than the amount of the global warming will be reduces, so the plants are the most for the reduction of the global warming.

Reduce water waste

Wastage of the water also cause the problem of the global warming because of the water release the carbon pollution, so while brushing the teeth or while showering use the water in the limits and this all the savage of the water will reduce the carbon pollution

All the people should take care that they should not pollute the area because this will affect them only due to the increase in the global warmings.

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Updated: December 27, 2018 — 10:47 am

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