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Essay On Global Warming For Class 5 Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Global warming is becoming a major problem on the whole earth. This is not the problem of any one country, but it is a problem of the whole world. Global warming means a continuous increase in temperature, and due to this temperature, our earth is constantly getting hot, due to which the ice melts continuously on Antarctica and water in the oceans the level of is constantly increasing. The main reason for the increase in global warming is human and its movements.

That’s why everybody should know about it. If the level of global warming goes up in such a way, then the day will not be far when the earth will be destroyed. In the last 25 years, the temperature of the Earth has increased very much.

 Effect Of Global Warming

The direct word of global warming – in simple terms, means the increase in temperature of the earth. The most important reason for the increase in the temperature of our earth is the continuous increase of pollution, which is causing the carbon dioxide levels and the ozone layer is damaging. Let us tell you that the ozone layer is the layer that gives us the sun’s dangerous rays. It protects the sun’s dangerous rays from coming to Earth.

Increase Of Global Warming And Problem Related To It

The main reason for the continuous increase in global warming is increasing pollution, which is causing the problem of global warming. There are continuous harvesting of ponds, and instead of building and factories, the clean air is becoming impure, the continuous Increasing pollution is due to the rising population in human beings which living in greens (a piece of public grassy land, especially in the center of a village) at home. The smoke of the means of transport is increasing by which the quantity of carbon dioxide is increasing continuously. The continuous increase of greenhouse gases is the that once entered the atmosphere of the earth, but it does not go back to space easily, the temperature of the Earth increases

Disadvantages Of Global Warming

Due to global warming, the risk of fire in forests will increase. Global warming will increase the risk of earthquake and storm surge. Increasing the temperature of the earth will fry the snow on the mountains and cause floods. Because the melting of the ice will increase the sea level. Increased speed of carbon dioxide gas leads to people suffering from cancer. Due to global warming, many species of animals and birds will not able to survive, due to extreme heat the desert will expand

Measures To Avoid

To prevent global warming, people will have to raise awareness about this. Prevention of vehicles that have to contaminate should be stopped. Air Condition and other cooling equipment should be used to reduce the deforestation and install more and more trees. To avoid the bad effects of warming, we have to think seriously about its People should be made aware to plant more trees, because trees reduce carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Every person in the world will have to play their role properly, then only we can be safe on earth in the upcoming period.

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